Is There Life Out There?

December 29, 2014 at 8:07 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, public debate, science and technology, web gossip)

Certainly, this is a subject that humanity has been following for generations.  I will admit to possibly salivating in heat to know the actual answer to this long-pressed question.  Is there life out there?

Surely, this is something that every human being with any inkling of intellectual capacity wants to acknowledge.  Is Planet Earth the only planet, of ALL OF THE PLANETS IN THE UNIVERSE, that hosts life?  The mere notion of that seemingly is ridiculous!  Yet, besides all of the rumors and hearsay, after all of the quandaries and queries, many of us really want to know whether or not there is anyone, anything else ALIVE out there in the vastness of the cosmos.

Browsing The Internet brought me to the e-article Will We Find Extraterrestrial Life In 2015.  The author’s immediate response was “Probably not, but just possibly yes”.  Now, just what in The Hell is that supposed to say?!?!

I recognize that life, as we understand it, requires certain, almost precise conditions, in order for it to form, to evolve, to thrive, et cetera.  Yet, who is to say that other forms of life can not exist based upon some other bases of existence that we have yet to comprehend?  As far as I know, we have NOT travelled all throughout the universe, let alone The Milky Way, so we are basing the manners of life-thriving on how we understand it from an Earth-bound perspective.  That method of living might NOT always be the case in other places of the universe.  Rebuttal?

Going into this e-article, the author delves into our recent, scientific studies of Mars.  The rover Curiosity was able to pick up traces of methane in the Martian atmosphere.  That small trace-emission of gas is the slightest of possibilities that life could have existed on The Red Planet at some point in it’s past!  That seems to sound so blatantly dull and irrelevant, yet knowing whether or not any life was on Mars surely will mean that life certainly can exist at any other location throughout our Milky Way Galaxy.  Our key would be just to locate the precise planetary systems, star systems, and to learn their distances in relation to Earth, so that we are able to study them!

Jupiter’s Europa and Saturn’s Enceladus are attracting recent attention.  These are two of the larger moons of the two largest worlds of our solar system, and they seem to be massive worlds covered with ice.  Some scientists are believing that enormous oceans exist beneath these ice shells.  Even greater leaps of speculation (hope?) would lead some to suggest that aquatic life could exist within the oceans of these lunar worlds!  Liquid water also is suspected to exist beneath Jupiter’s Ganymede, Saturn’s Titan, as well as worlds at the edge of the solar system such as Eris and Pluto!

This is just from the beginner’s basic exploration of our own solar system.  There is an entire, massive star-filled galaxy, complete with millions of other worlds all around us!  On top of that, there are likely millions of other galaxies out there!  It would be beyond absurd to suggest that there is no life at some place, some nook, in some location of space that we simply have NOT seen, are NOT aware of, at this time!

Embrace our inferiority!  It will be a while, at least, before we actually get to discover the truth about other worlds, and whether or not they host living beings.  We can not even get back to our own friggin’ moon, let alone anywhere else in our solar system.  Dare NOT mention any manner of voyage to any location to another star system.  NO.  Not now.


SEE THESE SITES!!!…/271093289/eureka-first-life-in-the-universe
dancing green alien

We will keep looking…..

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The Wolverine Is A WOW!

July 27, 2013 at 2:09 AM (comic book characters, curious research, current news, human life issues, late night studies, movie reviews, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

Like so many X-Men fanatics, I had been eagerly anticipating my chance to see the film The Wolverine!  I was glad when the day arrived for which I had made plans to be at my regular theater to view the film, and I saw that I was not alone in my eagerness for this adventure.  This recent release to the Marvel Comics franchise certainly stabbed at entries of expectation!

The movie begins with a pre-adamantium Logan (Hugh Jackman) in Japan, during World War II.  He is at Hiroshima at the time of the dropping of the atomic bomb.  Logan is in an area where he suffers the effects of the blast, as we see his flesh boiled from his body, yet regenerated time and time again due to his mutant healing capacity.

He escapes the area of the blast, getting to a place where he can rest.  During this time, he imagines Jean Grey (Famke Jannsen), and the images become frightening.  Logan leaves, walking into the woods, then to a gas station.  He sees men at this gas station who have a dead bear on their vehicle, and this bear was friendly to Logan while he was in the woods.  An altercation ensues, a Logan asks about the killed bear, the men get snide with him, and one man even strikes at Logan!

An altercation breaks out, yet Logan sees a girl.  He is hit, but he breaks free from the fight, getting away with the girl.  She is identified as Ariyako, and she means to give Logan a sword from Master Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi).  He also wants Logan to fly to Japan, yet Logan does not want to go.  Ariyako ends up convincing Logan to take the trip to Japan.

They arrive in the eastern nation, getting to the residence of Master Yashida.  Logan still is ragged from previous fights, so he is taken to be cleaned by caretakers within Yashida’s home.  Once refreshed, he is taken to a lab, where a doctor offers Logan the chance to be freed of his seeming immortality.  This doctor wants Logan’s power in order to protect his granddaughter Mariko (Tao Okamato) from attacking Yakuza gangsters!

Logan again finds himself dreaming of Jean.  He is interrupted by the leader of a Japanese fighting group with which he had prior affiliations.  This person thought that Logan was dead.  However, Logan and this man go on to attend the funeral of Master Yashida.  The ceremony is interrupted, and gunfire erupts!  Another mutant attacks Logan, as Yakuza attempt to get hold of Mariko.  As some Yakuza run away, Logan is stabbed by sword through his abdomen, yet he chases his attackers!  Mariko has been separated from him.

Mariko gets onto a speeding train, as Logan follows her, with Yakuza trailing them!  Logan remains injured, yet he moves through the cars of the train, followed by sword-wielding attackers.  He and Mariko both are chased and attacked, as a fight ensues through the cars, with Logan stabbing Yakuza as the train took them to a stop at a hotel station.  There, both of them got out, checking into a room overnight.

Logan acts as a sentry outside while Mariko sleeps that night.  He has images of Jean, and he collapses from being hurt during the prior fight with the Yakuza.  He wakes up to see that his healing capacity remains lost, yet he has been stitched by a worker of the motel in which they have been resting, who happens to be a veterinarian!  Yet, the villains Harada and Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) have connected, and Viper now is after Logan and Mariko!

Once they have reached Nagasaki, Logan and Mariko are growing fond of one another.  He tells her of his past, as she has images of Logan dying.  Mariko wants to tell Logan about these visions, yet she does not get the chance to do so.  Mariko is caught, surprisingly by a kidnapper who was ordered to do so by her own father!

Later, Shingen tells the other members of Yashida Corporation that Mariko has departed the business empire.  He means to kill her when his Black Ninjas arrive with Viper!  However, Harada saves Mariko, as Viper poisons Shingen!

Logan gets to Yashida Corporation headquarters, where he gets hold of medical tools to remove the parasite that has been responsible for the attempted elimination of his mutant powers.  He later fights Shingen, who is in the midst of trying to kill Yukio.  He kills Shingen, then goes with Yukio to go after Harada and Viper.  As they reach a research center where the enemies are at, Logan is attacked and caught by Harada!

Viper has Logan put into a machine that can remove his capacity for immortality.  She lets him meet Silver Samurai, who was a super-heated, Adamantium sword!  Yet, Mariko gets free to assist Logan, breaking Silver Samurai’s sword!  Harada has a change of heart while in battle, opting to help Logan to escape, yet he gets killed by Silver Samurai.  Yukio overcomes Viper by hanging her!

Logan gets into a death fight with Silver Samurai!  He ends up having his Adamantium claws cut off, and his powers of immortality being taken away from him.  Silver Samurai then shows himself to be Yashida, having faked his death all along.  Yet, Mariko steps in, stabbing Yashida with Logan’s cut-off claws, and letting Logan toss Yashida over a cliff!  As Logan passes out unconscious, he hallucinates of Jean Grey, seeming to move beyond her dying.  Mariko does go onto become the C.E.O. of Yashida  Corporation, while Yukio remains with Logan as his bodyguard, as they travel to locations yet to be revealed!

After the credits, we see that Logan returns to The U.S. two years later, and he is approached by Magneto (Sir Ian McKellan)!  The lord of magnetism allegedly needs The Wolverine’s assistance with combating a new threat against mutants that means to attempt total mutant extermination!  As Logan questions why he should trust Magneto, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) arrives!  As Logan asks how it is that Charles is alive, The Professor pointedly reminds him that he is not the only one with gifts!  MORE IS TO COME!!!!

The Wolverine posterUS.jpg


Of course, more films always are around the way!  Next week has Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington in 2 Guns!  More of August is exciting with other eagerly-awaited films!  These include Afternoon Delight, The Butler, Elysium, Kick Ass 2, and The Mortal Instruments:  City of Bones!


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Late-Night Cosmic Curiosities!

July 8, 2013 at 1:47 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

Something is out there, damn it!  One of these days, sooner or later, we will find out who, or what it is (whether we like it, or not…)!  With strange signals popping off in the distance, one can not help but to be intrigued by what is being displayed.  I am the cat, after all……  (I heard that).

It does seem that there are some strange signals being sent our way, from the depths of the unknown.  It began during 2007, when a team of scientists was studying signals from an unknown area of our Milky Way Galaxy.  This initial study produced results that lasted merely one or two seconds.  A subsequent effort was made to track these same signals during 2011, yet that attempt was without merit.

Currently, there seem to be around 10,000 radio wave signals being received daily by telescopes here on Earth that are equipped to receive deep space emissions.  At present, these recently discovered radio signals remain mysterious.  However, it has been recognized as fact that these signals are truly occurring, and that they are real!

Parkes Radio Telescope and Parkes Observatory are being centered as the location for enhanced research geared toward deep space radio emissions tracking, along with similarly related astronomy fields of study.  Studies at Parkes have lead to the reception of four additional and mysterious signal bursts!  Scientists who studied these bursts have concluded that the emissions occur regularly, and that they occur all throughout the universe!

As these emissions remain mysterious, scientists are bolstered in there efforts to study them because they now know where to find them.  Future studies will reveal the mechanics behind the bursts.  The immediate presentations of the information have given evidence that can be studied to renowned minds like Dr. Stephen Hawking.  He is of the current impression that these bursts could be the emissions of dissolving, evaporating black holes!

As Dr. Hawking is Dr. Hawking, he probably is right!  Yet, the evidence is not solid, so they still are doing the research.  Meanwhile, the ongoing outlook progresses, and all frequency stations will remain tuned!


SEE THESE SITES!!!…radio-signals-deep-space….+src=yahoo

  black hole

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Remember to Watch Your Back & The Backs of Those Who Need the Help!

June 6, 2013 at 12:29 AM (athletics, childcare and child protection, current news, health care reviews, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, medical concerns, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I was not sure that I wanted to go ahead with a post about this particular topic, yet after reading it a few times, I figured that I would blog about it.  The story is intriguing, albeit highly strange, and yes, stomach-turning!  However, I felt that the story needed to be read by others, so that the issue would be recognized, and that, hopefully, similar actions can be halted before they ever happen in the future.

This topic comes out of Minnesota, where what should be the culmination of classes is not the happiest of times for some cheerleaders, or of all students!  Minnetonka, Minnesota, a suburban town of Minneapolis, is where Hopkins High School is located.  It is in this town where eighteen year-old Montia Marie Parker has been accused of pimping her cheerleading teammate!  Parker, at age 18, took advantage of a sixteen year-old cheerleader with a mental disorder by taking the girl to meet older men for sex trafficking!

Details were relayed, saying that Parker would converse with clientele via e-mail, telling them that she would bring the younger girl to them to provide actions of oral sex in exchange for financial compensation.  Allegedly, one such incident occurred on March 5.  Parker took the younger girl to meet with a male, and the act occurred, and Parker was rewarded $60 afterward.

It was the next day, March 6, that Parker attempted to get the younger girl from her school, they went to meet another man.  This man wanted more than oral sex from the younger girl, and she would not do more, so they left his residence.  However, in the midst of the younger girl being absent from school, her mother found out that she had been absent several times.  This lead to the mother being a mother, doing some snooping, leading her to checking her daughter’s cell phone, finding text messages, and stumbling upon memos that lead to statements that included shocking things like prostitution!  Mom then called the cops!!!

The mother had to clarify the situation, letting the police know that her daughter is a mentally disabled individual who “works with a social worker due to a developmental cognitive delay”.   Parker eventually was arrested, after admitting to creating a website called, where she would have her customers to connect for late night compensation and copulation!  Now, she is facing a minimum of fifteen years in prison, along with a $40,000 sex trafficking fine, and/or a twenty year sentence with a $50,000 solicitation fine.  Pay up!!!

Montia Marie Parker's Twitter account.

Montia Marie Parker


SEE THESE SITES!!!…/18yearold…high-schoo-cheerleader

A Minnesota cheerleader has been charged with promoting prostitution and sex trafficking after she allegedly pimped out a younger student.

Montia Marie Parker


     The youth years are the first ones to learn

who your first real friends really are!


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A Bite For Bad Behavior?

May 12, 2013 at 12:19 AM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Actually, this report happened at the beginning of the month, but I am just getting to an entry about the topic.  It is terrible!  Having had the joy and the pain of working within public schools, I recognize that students can pose pressing predicaments for those attempting to assist them with the advancements of their educational achievements.  Most students indeed are above and beyond the levels of excellent.  Yet, we all know very well that there are those groups of (ahem…) hooligans who will test the limits of those attempting to assist them with reaching their academic goals.

This has happened in Tennessee, where a teacher has been disciplined after having had to suffer the negative actions of a hostile teacher toward a student.  Johnson City, Tennessee is the home of Johnson City Schools, where Indian Trail Intermediate School is located.  Here, a teacher seemingly lost sight of things that she was and was not allowed to put into her mouth!

It was March 22 when Mrs. Erin Arnold was teaching her related arts writing class.  This particular day, Mrs. Arnold was working with her students, and she was in a seemingly jovial mood when presenting the lesson.  At one point, Arnold called out one eleven year-old girl to question her.

Apparently, Arnold told the girl that if she did not answer the question correctly, she would bite the girl!  The reports say that the child was called upon, she answered the question incorrectly, then Arnold requested that the girl hold out her arm.  At that point, Arnold reached for the girl’s arm, picked it up, and bit it in a seemingly playful manner.  However, a bite mark and bruise were left on the girl’s arm! (Hungry-hungry-hefier….)

School administrators did question four of the students that did see what happened. One of them stated that Arnold had been “playing around with them” while giving the lesson.  The student did say that Arnold stated that she would bite the next student who gave the wrong answer.  It was at that point when the student stated that Arnold placed her mouth onto the child’s arm.  Yet, the student said that, “I don’t think it hurt because (the student) giggled”.

Four students did report that Arnold bit the girl on her arm between her wrist and forearm.  Other students said that they heard children laughing, and that the girl who was bitten did not complain after the alleged attack.  The teacher stated that she did not bite the student, although she said that she did put her mouth on the girl!

Indian Trail Superintendent Richard Bales wrote a letter to Arnold, where he stated that she was to be suspended for three days without pay.  He stated that her actions of biting a student are unprofessional and of improper conduct, going onto state that “physical contact of this type in the future will result in more severe consequences”.  Additionally, the student was removed from Arnold’s art class, and transferred to another art class.

It is good that more and more random incidents are making it to publicity.  Granted, this may have been an action of innocence, yet it was seemingly strange.  Other actions may be occurring in other areas to students that involve adults inflicting actions upon them in awkward manners that need to be presented to the public, for the sake of the childrens’ safety, and even their sanity.  It likely is important to keep in mind how to react with someone else’s items of importance when thinking of how you would want them to act in turn with your treasured things.


Little mouth

…you look pretty tasty, kid.

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Storm On Saturn Slams Expectations!

May 6, 2013 at 8:40 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

We were thinking that the cyclonic storms here on Earth were monstrous!  HA, laughs Saturn!  You bitches ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  (Alright, there was not that level of raucous and rude outburst…).  The gazes into the goings on of the activities beyond our world are becoming more and more exciting, and our satellite imagings are capturing more spectacular scenes at every shot!

The assistance of The Cassini Space Probe continues to prove beneficial, as it is delivering more and more awe-inspiring images of Saturn.  After having been deployed from Earth in October of 1997, Cassini arrived at our solar system’s sixth world during 2004.  It actually is a dual space probe called Cassini-Huygens, which was used to study Saturn, along with it’s largest moon, Titan.

Upon reaching Saturn, Cassini has taken amazing photos of activities occurring within the atmosphere of Saturn.  The recent spectacle is the sight of a gigantic storm that is swirling at the northern polar region of the planet.  This hurricane-like feature is estimated to be 1,250 miles in diameter, with winds at it’s outer regions reaching speeds up to 330 miles per hour!  Imagine something like that during our hurricane season!

The images taken by Cassini show a deep-reddish, swirling shape.  It is encircled by green loops, which give the red area the depiction of the storm’s eye.  This eye area is estimated to be roughly 1,250 miles wide!  Amazingly, during 2006, the Cassini space probe captured images of an even larger cyclonic vortex within Saturn’s atmosphere!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…nasa-cassini-saturn-hurricane…/2013/04/29/saturn-storn-rose/212749…/2013/29apr_saturnhurricane…/story/2013/04/30/science-huge-hurricane.html,0,3119924.story

Saturn_2.gif - (6K)


Check out this Limit to Your Love…..

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Iron Man 3 Rocks!

May 4, 2013 at 3:33 AM (comic book characters, curious research, current news, human life issues, late night studies, movie reviews, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Oh, we were waiting to see this movie, and I am glad to say that we were NOT disappointed!  I am excited that all of the comic feature heroes are being brought to the big screen, and that they are having continued success.  The Marvel Comics adventures always were entertaining, and the current conversions of the tales to cinematic adventures has been extremely amazing.  The Iron Man series is NO exception!

“A famous man once said we create our own demons”Iron Man 3 begins with Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) giving a speech at a massive New Year’s gala in Bern, Switzerland.  The story moves to Tony in Malibu, California, where he is advancing his Iron Man suits.  Suddenly, a news update shows that a terrorist has attacked Kuwait, killing many people, including children!

A sadistic villain called The Mandarin has launched a terrorist attack.  Iron Man has promised to deal with the situation, seeking the assistance of his heroic friend Colonel James Rhodes (Don Cheadle).  Colonel Rhodes now assists Iron Man as an iron-suited super hero called Iron Patriot (War Machine)!  Both heroes vow to respond immediately, as bombings have occurred at the hands of The Mandarin!

Tony’s girlfriend, Pepper Potts (Gwenneth Paltrow) is running his facility while Tony is away.  Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) has arrived there to meet with her.  He is a scientist, currently in the midst of mapping the bio-electrical activity of the human brain.  Pepper is not exactly fond of, nor pleased by the sight of Killian, as he tries to recruit her into being a test subject for his scientific testings!

Pepper returns to her home with Tony, where he is testing new Iron Man armored suits.  As they are about to be married, Tony actually spied on Pepper as Killian tried to hit on her!  It is later that Tony tells this to Pepper, admitting that he is having some emotional issues.  When they go to bed for the evening, one of Tony’s armored suits activates, advancing toward Pepper as she sleeps!

Pepper awakens, calms herself, then she goes downstairs.  Noise is heard outside, as it is seen that two men are fighting in the street.  One of the fighters reveals himself to be extremely powerful, as the other man explodes!  The victorious man announces himself as The Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley), and that he is on a mission of terror with another action soon to come!

Colonel Rhodes was injured in a previous battle against The Mandarin, and Tony visits him in the hospital.  It is there where Tony announces that he will battle The Mandarin.  Tony proceeds to get covert information from The F.B.I. and from S.H.I.E.L.D. about the tactics of The Mandarin.  He studies residue from bombs that Mandarin has deployed, along with details from prior attack locations.  The details lead Tony to Rose Hill, Tennessee.

Tony and Pepper are at his home when a bomb advances toward his residence!  His living room is blown up, and helicopters arrive, launching missiles!  Pepper attempts getting into an Iron Man suit to help, as Tony runs to get into his own suit.  The house still is under fire, and the copters have launched missiles directly into Tony’s mansion.  He winds up being dragged into falling debris from his declining home, sinking into the ocean waters beside the mansion’s plot.  Tony is buried under water and rubble, yet he manages to get himself free.

Now, within a fully-charged iron suit, Tony flies back to Tennessee.  The suit is somewhat damaged, as he crashes into water, and he ends up being dragged to shore by a Texaco hauler ship.  Night has fallen; Tony contacts Pepper to leave her a message.  He takes his damaged iron suit to a nearby home, getting the unusual assistance of an inquisitive young boy named Harley (Ty Simkins)!

Pepper has Tony’s Iron Man suit and helmet, now!  She puts them on, downloading Tony’s last message.  She learns that Adrian Killian has been behind the attacks on Tony, and that Adrian is in cohoots with The Mandarin!

Meanwhile, Tony is with Harley.  He has information about the last explosion, which reveals that Harley is science-saavy, and that he is something of a chatterbox!  Harley leads Tony to a restaurant, where he meets with a Mrs. Davis (Dale Dickey).  Their meeting is interrupted by an F.B.I. agent, who attempts to arrest Harley.  Yet, a local sherriff intrudes on the scene.  The agent kills the sherriff, along with two other bystanders who attempt to help Tony!

This agent proceeds with an attempt to attack Tony, but he escapes.  She chases Tony, revealing that she has psycho-kenetic powers and telepathic capacity!  Tony keeps her trapped in the restaurant, but she breaks loose, heading toward a water tower outside.  Meanwhile, Harley is outside, and he winds up being caught by this agent.  Yet, Harley knows tactics taught to him by Tony, including methods of how to escape being held captive.

The Mandarin now has made a public broadcast to the nation!  He announces that he has captives, and that he will kill them if The President does not call him in thirty seconds!  President Ellis (William Sadler) does call The Mandarin, yet the captives are killed anyway!  The Mandarin then announces that he is going to continue with his attacks on the nation!

Colonel Rhodes suits up as War Machine, and he is contacted by Tony.  Additionally, Tony gets the assistance of a news cameraman out of Chattanooga, Tennessee named Gary (Adam Pally).  Tony is able to contact Colonel Rhodes, and he gets information about A.I.M..  He sees that A.I.M. has been working with failed attempts to hone work on biological and genetic enhancements in human test subjects!

Henchmen of The Mandarin intrude upon Pepper, and they capture Iron Patriot!  Tony has Harley to download details into his iron suit as it is recharging.  Yet, Tony suddenly is overcome by pain and nervous attack!  Harley assists Tony by giving him amazingly useful, psychological advice, which Tony follows!

Harley proceeds to sneak into The Mandarin’s Miami mansion, hacking computer information, and deploying pressure bombs!  He sneaks further into the mansion, as Tony encounters a fake of The Mandarin, meant to distract Iron Man’s heroic tactics.  This fake tells Tony that The Mandarin that he has been the one on the televised broadcastst of the villain, meant to fake-out the nation!

The real Mandarin appears, knocking Tony out, then trapping him.  An ex-girlfriend of Tony’s, Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall) appears, as she has Pepper held captive, too!  Maya is deluded by Mandarin, and she is working with his henchman, Aldrich Killian, as well.  In the midst of trying to gain control of the situation, Killian kills Maya!

Killian reveals that he has Iron Patriot captive, too!  War Machine attempts to fight, but Killian somehow catches fire and crumbles!  Tony finally arrives, getting access to a newly-charged suit, then fighting Mandarin’s thugs!

Now, Iron Man and Iron Patriot get access to Mandarin.  The villain tells of his plans of destruction, and of his intent to capture The President!  Mandarin has an impersonator of Iron Patriot, who currently is in route to Air Force One, meaning to kill The President!  Yet, The President is NOT on the plane!

The villains to attack Air Force One, puncturing a hole into the side of the plane, which vacuums passengers out into the sky!  Tony reaches The President’s Plane, and he saves thirteen people that are falling to the ground.  He, along with all of the passengers, work together to make a safe water landing!

Pepper remains trapped, and The President is delivered to The Mandarin in Iron Patriot’s suit.  Tony Stark and Colonel Rhodes are told where The President is being held captive.  Both of them are shot at by thugs, as their iron suits appear, along with several other iron suits, to assist for battle!  All of the thugs are eliminated, as Tony and Colonel Stark suit up to go and save Pepper!

Colonel Rhodes moves to save President Ellis, yet he winds up fighting thugs trying to attack them.  The President winds up suiting into Rhodes’ iron suit, battling the thugs!  Meanwhile, Tony is trying to save Pepper, as she is seeming to fall into a pit of flames!

A flaming villain appears, who is very powerful, and he moves to battle Tony.  He removes Tony’s iron suit, and a back-up suit is not able to reach Tony.  The Mandarin gets into one of Tony’s iron suits, so Tony blows up the suit with the villain inside of it!  Yet, Mandarin amazingly survives one last time, only to have himself killed as Pepper dons an iron suit to fight the villain, killing him, and saving her beloved Tony!  All of the additional iron suits are destroyed, as well!

Iron Man 3 movie poster

These trailers for After Earth are getting hotter and hotter!  It is going to be fantastic to see father and son Will and Jaden Smith in this sci-fi fantasy that promises to be spectacular!  The film opens May 31!

Meanwhile, May seems to be the month for mesmerizing movies!  The English Teacher, The Great Gatsby, and Peeples all open next week, May 10!  The following week, May 17, will feature Star Trek:  Into Darkness!  May 24 will present the animation of Epic, featuring the voices of Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Beyonce Knowles, and Amanda Seyfried!  May 31 also has the movie labeled as a thriller, called Now You See Me, featuring Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Mark Ruffalo!

Tony Stark indeed is a Hero!!!

animated iron man photo: Iron Man 26 iron-man-stance.gif

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Kepler Keeps A Look-Out For Life!

April 18, 2013 at 11:43 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip) (, , , )

It usually is an exciting thing for science semi-geeks like myself to catch some of the latest postings about recent discoveries, especially when they concern astronomy!  A current clip probably delivers details of information that has been presented previously, yet now is making it into the realm of general reading.  I am reading it as I am typing (yes… multi-talent….), and I am seeing where N.A.S.A. scientists have been working with The Kepler Space Telescope, recently.  Their efforts have resulted in the location of three extrasolar planets that have the possibilities for habitability!

The Kepler Telescope has had it’s powerful lenses aimed in the direction of Kepler-62.  This star is is located within our Milky Way Galaxy, specifically within Lyra Constellation.  This is one of the 88 major constellations that are detailed by The International Astronomical Union.  The star Kepler-62 is attracting specific attention because it has three worlds orbiting it which have the potentials to be habitable!

Current observations of Kepler-62 are revealing that the star hosts at least five worlds.  Three of these planets are specifically interesting because they seem to orbit within the habitable zone of their parent star.  Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f are the planets of this system that have been receiving the most review.  It is Kepler-62f which ig attracting additional attention because it seems to be the planet within this system that has the greatest potential to be a life-harboring world!  It is well-within the habitable zone of Kepler-62, and it has a possibility to hold liquid water.  Additionally, Kepler 69-c has been identified within this orbital area, yet it may reside slightly outside of the habitable zone of the Kepler-62 solar system.

It is Kepler-62f which is believed to be roughly forty percent as large as Earth.  N.A.S.A. Ames Research Center Principal Scientific Investigator William Borucki has stated that Kepler-62f may be a rocky world that could have polar ice caps!  Yet, it is less massive and less aquatic than Earth.

The star itself is a K-type main-sequence star.  This can be called an orange dwarf, also.  It is similar to nearby stars within our Milky Way Galaxy that include Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti.  These types of stars are cooler than The Sun, which is a G-type main-sequence star.

The Kepler Space Telescope has been working tirelessly since it’s 2009 launch into Earth orbit.  Since that time, this celestial observer has located over one-hundred extrasolar planets!  Kepler is an intregal part of the N.A.S.A. objective to locate a world beyond our solar system that is capable of hosting life, possibly even life as we understand it, and, with the greatest of fingers crossed, sentient life!

SEE THESE SITES!!!,0,1118452.story…/04/…kepler-water_n_3111448.html

animated galaxy photo:  galaxy.gif

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Supermassive Black Hole Caught Snacking!

April 12, 2013 at 1:37 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip) ()

Once again, it is after “bedtime”, yet I am finding myself spaced out!  A recent article posted at presented details regarding a fascinating site that has been observed, telescopically.  It seems that astronomers in Europe have gotten to see a rare sight that initiates interest, while creating further levels of curiousity about all within the great beyond!

Astronomers working at Observatory of Geneva, at Canton of Geneva, Switzerland. and within the municipality of Versoix, Switzerland, recently have viewed another of the awesome activities occurring within deep space.  Their telescopes were aimed at the distant galaxy NGC 4845, where newly discovered locations and celestial objects were being observed.  This particular galaxy is a current standout in recent studies of space because of an unusual activity occurring at it’s core.

The supermassive black hole at the center of NGC 4845 seems to have gotten hold of an object that unfortunately drifted too closely to it!  Apparently, a rogue planet, or it may have been a brown dwarf, was loose from the gravitational connections of any solar system, or nearby worlds.  It was a floater, and it was unfortunate to have drifted into a realm of no-return!

This gas giant drifted out of it’s original area of placement, moving toward the core of NGC 4845.  At that point, the supermassive black hole at the galaxy’s core was able to get hold of the world adrift with it’s intense gravitational force.  Now, it seems that the black hole is sucking off of the gas giant, which will continue until the planet is reduced to nothing!

Scientists are saying that this is the first time that such an event has been viewed.  This victimized object is believed to be a lost gas giant, yet it may be a brown dwarf.  Whatever it is/was, allegedly had a mass that equalled to 0.5 times the mass of Jupiter.  However massive it was, it is GONE now!

Supermassive black holes are objects which emit the most powerful forces of gravity known!  They are the largest kinds of black holes in the universe, being as massive as hundreds of times to thousands of times the mass of The Sun.  They are located at the centers of all galaxies.  Our Milky Way has it’s own supermassive black hole, called Sagittarius A*.  It may have been getting it’s snack on recently, as astronomers were observing flare bursts from it’s core at the end of 2012!

Galaxy NGC 4845’s Central Black Hole Eating up Planet

SEE THESE SITES!!!{45F2DFC8-AF7E-4D7D-AD7E-6E6018039E39}…as-a-black-hole-eats-a-rogue-planet

Oh yeah!  Candice Glover singing Lovesong by The Cure on Idol did bring the heat!!!

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The Largest Galaxy Seen, Yet!

April 5, 2013 at 2:37 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

The studies of outer space are completely compelling!  I found myself caught within the online details that are being presented about studies of galaxies.  Current news gives details about ifnformation that astronomers are revealing.  It seems that the largest-known galaxy to date has been located!

The phenomenal power of The Hubble Space Telescope has produced yet another incredible find!  Gazing back through spacetime, roughly some 1.07 billion light years away, the super seer of outer space has spotted what we are identifying as the galaxy of greatest size that is currently known.  HST has viewed images within The Virgo Constellation.  These pictures have produced scenes of a distant galaxy that is identified as IC 1101.  This is a Type cD class galaxy that is 1.07 billion light years away from Earth!

IC 1101 is being hailed as the largest galaxy that we have viewed, thus far.  It is an elliptical galaxy that is an incredible 5.5 million light years wide.  This size is large enough to contain over fifty Milky Way Galaxies (our home galaxy), and it is 2,000 times as massive as our galactic residence!  Research reveals that IC 1101 is so enormous that it easily could contain our Milky Way, along with our satellite galaxies, The Large Magellanic Cloud and The Small Magellanic Cloud, as well as the nearby galaxies of Andromeda and Triangulum.

Like all elliptical galaxies and spiral galaxies, IC 1101 has a supermassive black hole at it’s core.  It’s supermassive black hole has not been spotted directly, yet.  However, it is speculated to be the largest black hole known, likely billions, or tens of billions of times as large as Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the core of our Milky Way Galaxy.

This super-galaxy is within Abell 2029 galaxy cluster.  This is viewed within The Virgo Cluster, located within the constellation Virgo.  This is the central region of Virgo Supercluster, the massive gathering of galaxies in which The Milky Way is a member!


IC 1101

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/200577516703587

Animated Animated Gif on Giphy

Such images can have one Wishing On A Star….

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