Gone Too Soon, Robin Williams!

August 12, 2014 at 12:47 AM (current news, health care reviews, human life issues, medical concerns, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

It has been a minute.  I have been out of the mix, out of the loop, and possibly out of my mind!  Well; maybe, maybe not.  Who is to say.  There is so much going on right now, and I had several topics that I wanted to blog about.  Yet, there has been a seeming explosion of news today that merits discussion; I feel a need to express my emotions through this computer!

First, I am at a state of despair, disdain, disbelief, at the loss of an icon!  Mr. Robin Williams died today!  At age 63, Robin Williams was found dead in his home from an apparent suicide, of all things!  Unbelievably, he was suffering from some level of depression!  You just NEVER KNOW what someone else is TRULY going through!

Williams’ death is especially upsetting to me because I view him as an icon!  I got in touch with Williams as a child by occasional viewings of him in Mork and Mindy during my childhood.  Yet, it was his role in The Birdcage that truly captured my attention to the essence of his awesome theatrical talent, while at the same time assisting me with viewing myself.  From that point, I continued with viewing Williams in his works in cinema and on television, while thoroughly being delighted by all of it!

They are saying that it was around noon, Pacific Standard Time, when police officers arrived at Williams’ home.  It was at that point when the officers discovered his lifeless body, and medics were summoned to recover him.  He was later taken to an area hospital, where he was officially pronounced as dead from asphyxiation, drug overdose.

Joy Behar is being interviewed by telephone now, regarding her memories of Robin Williams.  C.N.N. has gone into a clip from his role in the Academy Award-winning film Good Will Hunting.  Williams has had roles in so many movies that have captivated audiences for decades, and has literally made fans out of millions of people around the planet!

Now, after the fact, reporters are saying that Robin Williams was suffering from addiction and depression.  My question would be, “where was everyone when it might have been even slightly suspected that Robin was having the least of issues?”  Did no one give a damn that he might do something even mildly drastic before it would get to the point that the man would KILL HIMSELF!?!?  Where are people when you truly need them?

Well, we all have to go some time, one way or another, sad, but true.  Indeed, it is sad, very sad that Robin Williams killed himself.  I was/am especially distraught because I found him to be an icon.  Williams was intelligent, humorous, globally savvy, ecologically aware, and indeed someone to which I had no problem with idolizing.  Yes, he had his problems, he had his issues, but who does not?  I would have to wonder about out of all of his Hollywood friends and associates, did no one notice that Robin was having issues and problems that might have needed intervention, or may have required some form of help that could have prevented this?

Robin McLaurin Williams was born July 21, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois.  He had been married three times, the last of whom was his widow, Susan Schneider.  He has three children.  Rest in peace, Robin!

Academy Award winning actor Robin Williams jokes with reporters as he arrives for the Los Angeles premiere of the film "One Hour Photo" in Beverly Hills, California, in this file picture taken August 22, 2002. (ROBERT GALBRAITH/REUTERS)









blue bells

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Bring the Rain!

August 3, 2013 at 2:57 AM (current news, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

This was one feature that film fans had been hollering for throughout the summer!  Two of Hollywood’s hot-daddies were billed as dual headliners in an action flick that was certain to entice audiences, while the theatrics lit up the big screen.  Yes, 2 Guns did “bring the rain”!

The film begins with U.S. naval intelligence officer Marcus Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) working with Drug Enforcement Agency agent Bobby Trench (Denzel Washington) on an undercover assignment to trace drug kingpins.  Their mission has been to infiltrate the network of a Mexican drug cartel, and danger comes at every turn!

Stigman and Trench are not exactly friendly with one another, having been forced into partnership by their agencies.  They realize that they must work together, as their mission can become lethal at any moment.  This becomes especially dangerous with the allied addition of Trench’s girlfriend, Deb (Paula Patton) to their assignment.  Now, the group must work together to track down and catch the drug traffickers while dealing with personal issues that have the potential to destroy the entire case!

2 Guns

August still has several films left for the month!  Next week will feature the releases of the anticipated science-fiction film Elysium, starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster!  The same date carries Percy Jackson:  Sea of Monsters and We’re The Millers!  August 16 will have Jim Carrey leading a cast in Kick Ass 2, along with Oprah Winfrey’s The Butler!  That day also has the openings of Jobs and Paranoia!

animated gun photo: Cat gun Catgun.gif

When you see I gotta gun, gimme da loot, damn it!!!

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The Wolverine Is A WOW!

July 27, 2013 at 2:09 AM (comic book characters, curious research, current news, human life issues, late night studies, movie reviews, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

Like so many X-Men fanatics, I had been eagerly anticipating my chance to see the film The Wolverine!  I was glad when the day arrived for which I had made plans to be at my regular theater to view the film, and I saw that I was not alone in my eagerness for this adventure.  This recent release to the Marvel Comics franchise certainly stabbed at entries of expectation!

The movie begins with a pre-adamantium Logan (Hugh Jackman) in Japan, during World War II.  He is at Hiroshima at the time of the dropping of the atomic bomb.  Logan is in an area where he suffers the effects of the blast, as we see his flesh boiled from his body, yet regenerated time and time again due to his mutant healing capacity.

He escapes the area of the blast, getting to a place where he can rest.  During this time, he imagines Jean Grey (Famke Jannsen), and the images become frightening.  Logan leaves, walking into the woods, then to a gas station.  He sees men at this gas station who have a dead bear on their vehicle, and this bear was friendly to Logan while he was in the woods.  An altercation ensues, a Logan asks about the killed bear, the men get snide with him, and one man even strikes at Logan!

An altercation breaks out, yet Logan sees a girl.  He is hit, but he breaks free from the fight, getting away with the girl.  She is identified as Ariyako, and she means to give Logan a sword from Master Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi).  He also wants Logan to fly to Japan, yet Logan does not want to go.  Ariyako ends up convincing Logan to take the trip to Japan.

They arrive in the eastern nation, getting to the residence of Master Yashida.  Logan still is ragged from previous fights, so he is taken to be cleaned by caretakers within Yashida’s home.  Once refreshed, he is taken to a lab, where a doctor offers Logan the chance to be freed of his seeming immortality.  This doctor wants Logan’s power in order to protect his granddaughter Mariko (Tao Okamato) from attacking Yakuza gangsters!

Logan again finds himself dreaming of Jean.  He is interrupted by the leader of a Japanese fighting group with which he had prior affiliations.  This person thought that Logan was dead.  However, Logan and this man go on to attend the funeral of Master Yashida.  The ceremony is interrupted, and gunfire erupts!  Another mutant attacks Logan, as Yakuza attempt to get hold of Mariko.  As some Yakuza run away, Logan is stabbed by sword through his abdomen, yet he chases his attackers!  Mariko has been separated from him.

Mariko gets onto a speeding train, as Logan follows her, with Yakuza trailing them!  Logan remains injured, yet he moves through the cars of the train, followed by sword-wielding attackers.  He and Mariko both are chased and attacked, as a fight ensues through the cars, with Logan stabbing Yakuza as the train took them to a stop at a hotel station.  There, both of them got out, checking into a room overnight.

Logan acts as a sentry outside while Mariko sleeps that night.  He has images of Jean, and he collapses from being hurt during the prior fight with the Yakuza.  He wakes up to see that his healing capacity remains lost, yet he has been stitched by a worker of the motel in which they have been resting, who happens to be a veterinarian!  Yet, the villains Harada and Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) have connected, and Viper now is after Logan and Mariko!

Once they have reached Nagasaki, Logan and Mariko are growing fond of one another.  He tells her of his past, as she has images of Logan dying.  Mariko wants to tell Logan about these visions, yet she does not get the chance to do so.  Mariko is caught, surprisingly by a kidnapper who was ordered to do so by her own father!

Later, Shingen tells the other members of Yashida Corporation that Mariko has departed the business empire.  He means to kill her when his Black Ninjas arrive with Viper!  However, Harada saves Mariko, as Viper poisons Shingen!

Logan gets to Yashida Corporation headquarters, where he gets hold of medical tools to remove the parasite that has been responsible for the attempted elimination of his mutant powers.  He later fights Shingen, who is in the midst of trying to kill Yukio.  He kills Shingen, then goes with Yukio to go after Harada and Viper.  As they reach a research center where the enemies are at, Logan is attacked and caught by Harada!

Viper has Logan put into a machine that can remove his capacity for immortality.  She lets him meet Silver Samurai, who was a super-heated, Adamantium sword!  Yet, Mariko gets free to assist Logan, breaking Silver Samurai’s sword!  Harada has a change of heart while in battle, opting to help Logan to escape, yet he gets killed by Silver Samurai.  Yukio overcomes Viper by hanging her!

Logan gets into a death fight with Silver Samurai!  He ends up having his Adamantium claws cut off, and his powers of immortality being taken away from him.  Silver Samurai then shows himself to be Yashida, having faked his death all along.  Yet, Mariko steps in, stabbing Yashida with Logan’s cut-off claws, and letting Logan toss Yashida over a cliff!  As Logan passes out unconscious, he hallucinates of Jean Grey, seeming to move beyond her dying.  Mariko does go onto become the C.E.O. of Yashida  Corporation, while Yukio remains with Logan as his bodyguard, as they travel to locations yet to be revealed!

After the credits, we see that Logan returns to The U.S. two years later, and he is approached by Magneto (Sir Ian McKellan)!  The lord of magnetism allegedly needs The Wolverine’s assistance with combating a new threat against mutants that means to attempt total mutant extermination!  As Logan questions why he should trust Magneto, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) arrives!  As Logan asks how it is that Charles is alive, The Professor pointedly reminds him that he is not the only one with gifts!  MORE IS TO COME!!!!

The Wolverine posterUS.jpg


Of course, more films always are around the way!  Next week has Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington in 2 Guns!  More of August is exciting with other eagerly-awaited films!  These include Afternoon Delight, The Butler, Elysium, Kick Ass 2, and The Mortal Instruments:  City of Bones!


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Comedic Calamity & A Satisfying Superman!

June 15, 2013 at 3:10 AM (comic book characters, current news, health care reviews, human life issues, medical concerns, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

This was one of those Fridays that we had been anticipating for a while!  It actually was a two-film treat, with one movie that was something of a comedic surprise, and the second being the blockbuster that we were yearning to watch for months!  I will say that I was happy with this evening at our area theater!

We actually started with This Is The End!  A witty film that features some of the currently leading comedic actors, the movie opens with Seth Rogen and Danny McBride getting together to hang out.  They hang out for a minute, then Seth hooks up with Jay Pharaoh to harvest their weed stock.  They proceed to talk about committing more mischief, yet Jay is not interested.

The group gets to James Franco’s house, where party activity is happening.  Rihanna happened to be there, and she bitch-slapped some guy!  Jonah was playing with some Spaniel dog that did not know how to bark, while most of the others basically were talking shit.  Other mischief occurs, then the group proceeds to serenade the girls at the party with their song “Take Fur Panties Off”!

As the madness continues, there suddenly is a giant quake!  Blue beams blast downward from the sky, and people are lifted away by them!  Cars begin to race and collide, as explosions occur, and the group gets back to James Franco’s house.  No one there knows what has happened, as Jay tries to describe what he saw.  Suddenly, there is another quake, so all of them run out of the house, which now is aflame!

Several celebrities have run outside.  The ground has split open, sucking in one guy, then Rihanna!  Kevin Hart and a few others fall into a hole in the ground.  Jay Pharaoh runs inside, turning on the television, where information is broadcast that a 9.7 quake has occurred in Los Angeles!

Suddenly, a helicopter crashes outside of the house, and a propeller strikes one of James Franco’s family paintings.   James Franco and Jonah Hill go outside, running amok. The group takes in what has turned out to be an evening of chaos, then they go inside to go to bed for the night!

As morning arrives, James Franco awakens, as Danny has cooked breakfast.  He did not know what happened the night before, thinking it all was a joke.  Suddenly, a strange man breaks into the yard, and the group argues about letting him inside.  The man is decapitated, and his head rolls inside of the house!  Now, everyone wants to know what is going on, so the group goes outdoors to see that Los Angeles has been set on fire!

James Franco video-records the scene, as Jay Baruchel and Jonah Hill declare that The Apocalypse has arrived!  They decide to have a get-high party, going indoors to jam to Gangnam Style!  The group proceeds to smoke weed and to come up with silly ideas, when Emma Watson suddenly breaks into the house!  She tells them that a zombie invasion has occurred!

Later, Emma is asleep, and the guys discuss flying the helicopter outside.  Someone needs to go to get supplies without being caught by the zombies.  Craig Robinson is elected to do this, and he does make it to a store to retrieve water.  As he gets the water, something chases him!  Craig runs, and the group now has no goods, with some creature outside of the house!

The group decides to dig through the floor to get to underground water.  Meanwhile, Danny leaves, as Seth and Jay wind up hanging onto the remains of the floor that has collapsed into the ground below.  Two barrels of water are salvaged.  Yet, Danny returns, becoming reckless and irresponsible, as he wastes supplies and becomes selfish.  The group decides to vote him out of the house, yet they give into weaker feelings, letting him stay!

Danny shows that he can cook, so they opt to keep him secured by putting him in the freezer!  The day progresses into night, as Craig and Jonah decide to go looking for more supplies.  While they are out, Jonah winds up being sexually assaulted by a demon, then finding himself possessed!  He now has super strength, as he goes after James and Seth!  The group manages to grab hold of Jonah to perform an exorcism, but a fire breaks out which burns down the house, and burns up Jonah!

Craig now decides to volunteer himself for sacrifice, allowing the group to escape an attacking demon.  Craig winds up being taken into Heaven because of this good deed, so James decides to give himself up to cannibals to help the others escape.  This works, at first, but James gets cocky, teasing the demonic cannibals because he is getting away.  The light to Heaven suddenly vanishes, leaving James behind on Earth to be taken by the cannibals!

The Devil arrives, about to eat Jay and Seth!  The two hug one another, rekindling their friendship.   The Light of Heaven shines down to claim Jay, but being with Seth will not allow him to ascend!  This prompts Seth to sacrifice himself to Satan, which allows Jay to get away, and also earns redemption for Seth!

At the end, Jay and Seth get to The Pearly Gates.  Craig is there already, letting them inside to Heaven.  There, Jay makes a wish that The Backstreet Boys would reunite (???).  It all ends with a divine dance setting, as The Backstreet Boys perform Everybody!


The second feature was the eagerly-anticipated Man of Steel!  It begins on Planet Krypton, with Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer) enduring an intense labor.  A male child is born, as the planet is collapsing from it’s core!

General Zod (Michael Shannon) is leading Krypton’s ruling council, through which Jor-El (Russell Crowe) has been taken prisoner.  A fight emerges, and Jor-El manages to get free.  The planet now is at war, as Jor-El hurries to a secret chamber to get hold of The Codex.  Zod tries to steal this from Jor-El, yet Jor-El escapes!

The Codex has information about a distant and habitable world to which he can send his infant son, Kal-El.  It is urgent that Kal-El reach ths world, as Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van place Kal-El into this pod, labeled with the S symbol.

Zod enters the chamber, as the pod is about to launch. He means to destroy the pod, as to destroy all traces of Jor-El.  Kal-El is managed to be launched into space, yet Zod kills Jor-El!  He then promises to find Kal-El, yet he is captured, and he is imprisoned for the murder of Jor-El.  Moments later, Planet Krypton is incensed, then destroyed by it’s expanding, red-giant star!  Baby Kal-El’s pod is thrust away from Krypton, as it later enters our solar system, hurtling past Saturn, and racing toward Earth.

A baby is taken in by The Kents, Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha (Diane Lane) of Smallville.  He is raised as Clark.  It is his human mother, Martha, who teaches Clark to stabilize his powers, as they create feelings of confusion and pain for him, at first.  As Clark ages into teen years, Jonathan tells him that he truly is from another planet.  He comforts Clark, yet encourages him not to use his powers in front of people, as society is not ready for him.

A powerful storm that produced a tornado struck Smallville.  The effects of the storm lead to Jonathan’s death.   After grieving for his human father, and with his human mother’s blessing, Clark leaves to wander the nation.  He lives in secrecy for years, later finding a secret capsule from Krypton.  It has a device inside of it that allows a communication with the hologram-spirit of his father.  It just happens that a snooping reporter from Metropolis named Lois Lane (Amy Adams) came across this capsule, also.  She is nearly injured while trying to get into it, yet Clark rescues her with his super-human capabilities!

Shocked by what has happened, Lois returns to Metropolis, and to The Daily Planet.  She means to write a story about this super human who saved her life.  However, the newspaper’s editor, Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) rejects her drafts!

General Zod voyages to Earth, tracing the scout ship in which Kal-El was placed. He demands to the people of Earth that Kal-El surrender to him, or they will suffer his wrath!  Clark turns himself into The U.S. Armed Forces, as they proceed to give him to Zod!  Zod then proceeds to reveal plans to convert Earth into a world more akin to Krypton through the use of an engine device that works with his space vessel.  It will eliminate all of Earth’s people, making it clear for Zod to repopulate the planet with Kryptonians that have been engineered by the use of the codex stored within Clark’s cellular structure!

It is back at Smallville where Clark confronts Faora-Ul (Antje Traue).  He is able to stop this assistant to Zod from proceeding with plans to convert Earth into a Krypton-like planet by surrendering to The U.S. Army, who are forced to turn him over to Faora-Ul!    Clark and Lois are turned over to Zod and his forces, yet they get free by using an image of Jor-El that Clark downloaded into Zod’s main computer.  This programming confusion leads to an attack from Krypton’s forces onto Earth, with The U.S. Army responding intensely!  Clark appears as Superman, convincing The U.S. Armed Forces that he is their ally.  Yet, Zod means to get hold of the codex, which is within Clark’s genetic code, and he releases a vessel over The Indian Ocean to begin an attack!

Superman now has Lois at his side, as they speak with U.S. Armed Forces.  They give details from Jor-El’s computer program that set an attack against Zod’s vessel.  A wormhole is opened slightly above Earth, which consumes Zod’s ship and his minions!

Superman returns to The Indian Ocean to shut down the engine that was starting to transform Earth into a Krypton-like world!  Then, he races back to Metropolis to engage Zod in battle, as the villainous general uses powers equivalent to Superman’s.  The Man of Steel ends up killing General Zod in order to save people from the general’s wicked wrath!  Nearly succumbing to pain of emotion from having to kill, Superman is comforted by Lois Lane.  He chooses to pick himself up, resuming a life as Clark Kent, living with the secrecy of Superman to protect humanity when needed!

Man of Steel (2013) Poster


Next week, we get to check out Brad Pitt in an all-out battle against zombies!  The fate of the world will be at stake as he leads heroic human forces to save the planet in World War Z!  The same day will have Monsters University, as June will close out with The Heat and White House Down!

Superman graphics

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Candice Wins Season 12!

May 17, 2013 at 3:08 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I went ahead and watched the finale of American Idol Season Twelve.  I had been watching it sporadically this season, so I was more or less familiar with the contestants, and I have submitted prior blog entries about some of the shows.  Ehh…

Candice Glover won!  That is for the best, as she is the best singer out of what remains.  I suppose that she was the best singer of the contestants that did wrangle through the contest.  Indeed, this year did prove to be a year for the females, as all of the young ladies had much stronger singing voices than the young men!

It came down to the final sing-off between Candice and Kree Harrison.  Both young ladies presented their A-games, singing at their top levels.  Yet, at the end, twenty-three year-old Candice Glover emerged as the champion of  American Idol Season 12!  Congratulations!









Music notes graphics   American-idols-live-2013-large   Music notes graphics

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Films Focusing on Levels of Failure!

April 29, 2013 at 4:32 PM (childcare and child protection, comic book characters, current news, human life issues, legal issues, medical concerns, movie reviews, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I have been slacking on my blogging!  Other things have been on the plate ahead of the computer, and getting to online reviews of recent films has not been a regular activity of priority.  To my chagrin, I have not been having the evening online fun that I am accustomed to enjoying!

It was this past Friday that I did make it to the regular cinema for the weekend film features!  We had been anticipating these movies, and I can say that the films did not disappoint!  The regular double-dose began with Pain & Gain!

High-action director Michael Bay lead this film that featured Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg.  Supposedly based on a true story, the lead actors portray body-building trainers out of Miami who turn to lives of crime.  Wahlberg plays Danny Lugo, who is a semi-delusional fitness freak that works in a Miami gym.  His intentions are to become the most financially successful and physically-fit person on the planet, while gaining personal wealth by any means necesssary!

The efforts to turn his fantasies into reality lead Lugo to look into the lessons of so-called self-help succeeder named Johnny Wu (Ken Jeong).  After buying into the words of Wu, Lugo recruits fellow body builders.  He talks an overly buffed Paul Doyle (Dwayne Johnson), and a foolish, following-fellow Adrian Doorbal (Anthony Mackie) into joining his plans to gain success.  Together, the trio kidnap, rob, then make a pathetic attempt at trying to kill fitness client and deli shop manager Victor Kershaw (Tony Shalhoub)!

Doyle, who is some manner of mind-boggled, born-again Christian, is totally against the idea of brutally murdering Kershaw as they mean to rob his store!   He winds up bonding with Kershaw during the robbery attempt, who sees this as an opportunity to get out of the hostile situation.  Kershaw already is a shyster himself, and he takes advantage of the miserable moment to sleaze out of being killed!

Lugo leads his pea-brained posse into further plans of criminal activity.  He pauses for moments of physical improvement to do random sit-ups and pull-ups, while constantly trying to keep Paul within the mindset of robbery.  Paul recently was released from prison, and has made an effort to find Jesus, so he is not comfortable with a return to serious criminal action.  Yet, Lugo is able to convince Paul and Adrian to join-in with his plan to rob, to kidnap, and to murder Victor Kershaw!

Their plan falls apart when retired detective Ed DuBois (Ed Harris) gets wind of these likely criminal activities.  DuBois decides to follow with this case out of some level of recreation during his retirement years, although he is laden with a consistent back pain.  Yet, DuBois is able to follow through with piecing together various leads that place each of the bumbling burglars into the wrong places at the wrong times.  Eventually, all of Lugo’s misguided hopes and dreams end up in failure, as he and his incompetent cohorts are captured by the efforts of Detective DuBois!


We entered Mud for our second feature!  This movie starts with the introduction of two young boys living in rural Arkansas who regularly wander to play along the banks of The Mississippi River.  Ellis (Tye Sheridan) lives with a submissive mother and an abusive father in a house-b0at along the river’s shoreline.  He regularly sneaks out to play with his friend Neckbone (Jacob Lofland), who fishes in the river for oysters with his uncle.

It is one afternoon when Ellis and Neckbone are wandering along the river when they decide use a canoe to venture out toward an ait within the middle of The Mighty Mississippi.  Neckbone has been to this ait before, and he knows that there is something like a canoe suspended within the branches of a tree there.  He and Ellis decide to return to the island, wherer they climb the tree to explore the canoe.  Within it, they find that there is bread, and there are newly-tracked footprints!  This prompts the boys to leave quickly, before they are found!

Upon getting back to their own canoe, they see that someone has been in it!  Indeed, a man appears, and he identifies himself as Mud (Matthew McConaughey).  Mud interrogates Ellis and Neckbone, while revealing bits and pieces about himself.  The boys ask him why he is hiding in a tree, and Mud says that he is hiding from The Law because he has killed a man!  He means to get away, and he wants to reunite with his long-time love, Juniper (Reese Witherspoon), who is supposed to be waiting for him.

Mud enlists the aid of Ellis and Neckbone to retrieve information and supplies for him.  Also, Mud has them to deliver messages to Juniper, telling her of his whereabouts, and of his intentions to return to her.  Yet, unbeknownst to Mud or the boys, they are under surveillance by Texas bounty hunter Carver (Paul Sparks).

Ellis and Neckbone continue with efforts to assist Mud despite the risks.  It is likely that Ellis seeks a father-figure, in the fact that he has none in the home of his successively slapping dad.  Neckbone is cautious about continuing to help Mud, but he does so because Ellis is his best friend.  The boys do continue to risk their own safety and sanctuary to help this eerie stranger, which seems to turn into a realized, one-ended situation.  Ellis and Neckbone realize that there never was anything in it for themselves, as Juniper in fact had found other love, Mud was deluded within a long-lost and possibly one-sided romance, and they both were assisting a wanted criminal!

Mud Poster

Iron Man 3 opens this week!  The long-awaited third installment to this Marvel Comics hero adventure is finally in theaters, to the delight of fans!  This edition features Tony Stark battling The Mandarin in an attempt to save society from devastation and destruction!  Don Cheadle suits up beside him as his ally, War Machine!

May has more movies on the way!  The 10th will feature the releases Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire in The Great Gatsby, along with David Alan Grier, S. Epatha Merkerson, Craig Robinson, and Kerry Washington in Tyler Perry’s PeeplesStar Trek:  Into Darkness premieres the following week, May 17.  More of this month includes After Earth, Epic, Fast & Furious 6, and The Hangover Part III!

Congratulations Jason Collins!



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Two G’s You Gotta See!

January 12, 2013 at 3:55 AM (curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

We got to see two excellent films this evening!  I was expecting both of them to be entertaining, yet I did not know that I was going to be totally entralled with what I was watching.  These movies likely will wind up among the selections of Oscar nominations when that time rolls around.  If not for the films themselves, the actors definitely will receive nods!

Our first choice was the excellently produced and performed Gangster Squad!  Sean Penn lead this scene as a truly dirty S.O.B., lead gangster Mickey Cohen.   During the late 1940’s era, Los Angeles is dominated by gangsters, under the control of Cohen.  Several portions of city government and officials operate beneath his observation, as well.  However, L.A. Police Chief Bill Parker (Nick Nolte) wants to attempt working with city forces loyal to what is right in order to attempt rectifying their city’s crumbling scene.

As 1949 has arrived, Chief Parker selects World War II veteran Sergeant John O’Mara (Josh Brolin) to lead a team of policemen that will go undercover to combat Cohen and his gangsters.  O’Mara proceeds to collect members for his band of battlers, during which Jerry Wooters (Ryan Gosling) gets involved with the officers.  It is Wooters, however, who finds himself sidetracked from his duties as an officer when he becomes infatuated with Grace Faraday (Emma Stone).  Faraday is the girlfriend of Mickey Cohen, yet Wooters chooses to enter into a secret romance with her!

Other officers that Chief Parker selects include narcotics expert Officer Coleman Harris (Anthony Mackie), technical expert Officer Conway Keeler (Giovanni Ribisi), and Officer Navidad Ramirez (Michael Peña).  The team proceeds to take on the extremely violent Mickey Cohen and his gang of drone-thugs.  A mass shoot-out occurs, where L.A.P.D. Officer Max Kennard (Robert Patrick) winds up as the lone fatality!

Our second film was the surprisingly delightful, and the exceptionally pleasing The Guilt Trip!  I do not know why I was surprised that it was a good movie, as Barbra Streisand was in it, so I should have known better.   Yet, this film really was a good film to watch!

Seth Rogen stars as Andy Brewster, the 30-something son of Joyce Brewster (Barbra Streisand).  He is a travelling salesman with an unsuccessful record of presenting and distributing his merchandise.  However, Andy has a new product that he is eager to display, and he is ready to get onto the road to have it shown across the nation.  His latest catch is that he wants his mother to accompany him, as he wants her to reconnect with an old flame from her past.  Andy believes this man may be his father, but he does not share this information with his mom, Joyce.

The Brewsters opt to leave New Jersey on this cross-country road trip.  It turns out to be a time of revelation for both of them, as they get to know one another more intellectually and truthfully.  A long the way, an especially entertaining occassion occurs when The Brewsters enter a restaurant where a 50-ounce steak eating contest in less than one hour is being held.  Joyce has to scarf down all of that meat in that amount of time to win a needed $100 to continue on their journey!   She has even more fun in that she meets a man while she is there from whom she initially is shy, yet a possible link is made.   As well, Joyce gets her ears pierced, at last!

Surprisingly, without choking, or without suffering a heart attack, Joyce does succeed with eating all of the steak meal!  She wins the $100, so she and Andy proceed toward San Francisco.  Upon reaching the location, they reach the home of her former boyfriend, Ben (Brett Cullen).  The three connect and talk, as Joyce and Ben take time to talk alone.  Eventually, it is clarified that Ben is not Andy’s father, though he was Joyce’s first love.  Time was spent to heal wounds and to strengthen bonds,  while possibly to build new bridges in lives in a very enjoyable story!

  The Guilt Trip

 As always, more great films will be premiering soon!  Next week includes Broken City, Luv, and MamaHansel & Gretel:  Witch Hunters, Movie 43, and Parker premiere January 25.  Movies. movies, movies!!!


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X-Factor Is The Show to See!

September 27, 2012 at 7:18 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I am admittedly into these singing talent shows.  I have picked up onto The X Factor, finding that I am pleased with it’s presentation, while enjoying the judges.  I was glad to see Simon Cowell back with one of the talent shows, and pleased to see L.A. Reid working with the program!  As well, having actually talented singers like Britney Spears and Demi Lovato working as judges in a singing competition does make this show all the more valid!

This recent round of the auditions was interesting, at least!  There was the massacre of Hello, the classic song by Lionel Richie!  Two guys who attempted to present themselves as singers chose to do a duet version of that solo song.  Yet, as one guy, Adonis, fumbled through the actual lyrics, the other guy, John, was walking in circles on the stage, continously saying “uh-huh”!

A romantic couple went onto the stage, wanting to perform an original duet!  Yet, they had no actually appealing sound, which was picked upon by the judges.  Simon simply stated that they had a cabaret sound, which was nicer than what was being expected from him.  Afterward, the couple felt that they had performed well, and that the judges just were not ready for their performance!

An elderly Asian lady named Changyi Li made her way to the stage, and the sight of her invoked immediate hilarity!  She was dressed comically youthful, yet it did not at all distact from her elderly appearance.  Changyi went on, massacring the music of Celine Dion, as she sang My Heart Will Go On!  The judges all let her know that this was not the route for her, with Simon stating that Changyi was something reminiscent of The Exorcist!

There were some good contestants!  A young, teenaged heartthrob from California was a delight to all of the young girls in the crowd.  Austin Corini sang Wanted, by Hunter Hayes, and he was decent.  He even seemed to move Britney Spears to a moment of moisture, as she told Austin that he had an amazing voice!  Each judge gave Austin a yes vote!

Sophie Simmons, the nineteen year-old daughter of rock legend Gene Simmons, appeared for an audition.  She even had her dad, the lead singer of K.I.S.S., along with her, for support!  Sophie gave a tolerable performance of To Make You Feel My Love, by Adele.  It was good enough to get three yes votes, allowing her to make it into the next round!

Daryl Black, a dad with five children, managed to take time away from fatherhood duties for an audition.  He is already a musician, and his selection was Stereo Hearts, by Gym Class Heroes.  Mr. Black actually is a good singer, with Simon Cowell telling him that he was reminiscent of Nat King Cole!

There was sudden drama for the evening, as one contestant could not handle the pressure of the public spotlight.  Trevor Moran had gone onto the stage, singing Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jepsen.  Trevor even had a pal who danced as he sang.  Yet, after his audition was finished, Trevor walked backstage and passed out!  An ambulance had to be called, taking him to the nearest hospital (he is alright, now…)!

More auditions will continue tonight!  It seems as though I will be hooked with The X Factor for this season, as well.  I truly enjoy music, and the competition always is fun to observe.  It is great to hear the contestants who truly have great voices, as they attempt to move toward positions that will help them achieve their dreams of becoming recognized musical artists.  As well, it is admittedly hilarious to watch some of these people who have to know that they can NOT sing, while they proceed with their efforts either to amuse the audience, or to follow through with delusions, and they have the misplaced mettle to make mangled musical sounds before an afraid audience!

More auditions will occur this evening!  I do believe that The X-Factor will be one of the top shows for the season.  It is admittedly entertaining, for those who enjoy observing the surrounding calamity, as well as for those who want to hear actual contestants trying to present true singing skills that could lead them to success in a musical career!  I will be watching the show!








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X-Factor Fumes Forward For Season Start!

September 19, 2012 at 10:40 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

Being a fan of these televised singing contests, I have become a fan of The X-Factor.  I am watching it, lured by the entertaining snipes that Simon Cowell is known for delivering, as well as the interesting presentations that the singers bring to the stage.  As usual, there are good singers, and there are bad singers!

This week, the show will be televised tonight (Wednesday) and tomorrow.  This second round of auditions is in San Francisco, with some worthy singers, and some washed-up suckers!  It is always amazing when the ones who know that they can not sing will always get onto the stage, tormenting the judges and the crowd with the sounds of their voices!  Ugh!

Tonight, the show began with Britney Spears serenading L.A. Reid for his birthday!  The pop princess sang, while bringing forth a candle-lit cake to the superstar producer.  It was sweet, as everyone was wishing Reid a Happy Birthday, before anticipating the contestants.

These auditions actually kept the attention!  I have to think that one of tonight’s standout singers was Panda Ross!  A middle-aged lady got onto the stage, showing that she was overly excited about being there.  She had everyone wondering what sound she would present, as many of this evening’s competitors had no singing voices.  Yet, Panda pleased!

Her song choice was Bring It On Home to Me, by Sam Cooke!  Indeed, Panda brought it home, giving the crowd a taste of her soulful sound that definitely is worthy of further time in this competition.  Yet, it is unfortunate, as it seems that the excitement of the evening got the best of Panda.  Shortly after her audition, she passed out, having to be rushed to a local hospital!


A young girl named Diamond White walked onto the stage, immediately capturing the audience with her youthful charm and enthusiasm.  She was nervous, yet that did not hold her back from setting the stage off!  Diamond sang the classic James Brown song, It’s A Man’s World.  Her audition showed everyone that it is her world, at least for this evening!  That Diamond shined!

One contestant named Dino Alan sang Trouble in Mind, by Sam Cooke!  He was a tad thugged-out, and heavily tatted.  Yet, it was no trouble to listen to the sound of his alluring voice!  As he kinda had that roughneck-thang going on, it was something of a plus to his cause.  Plus, his powerful and soulful voice caught the attention of all of the judges, with all of them giving him a yes vote!


There was a horror moment, as one contestant got onto the stage, and he was out of control!  A young guy named DeAngelo Wallace appeared on the stage, attempting to sing a Chris Brown song.  Already a bad choice, Wallace made it worse by allowing everyone to hear that he has NO singing voice!

The judges walked out on him!  Then, Wallace snatched the microphone, continuing to sing!  Despite efforts to get Wallace to stop, he continued.  The X-Factor staff wound up calling the cops, and he ran around the auditorium, singing, with the officers in chase.  Wallace still was singing as the cops lead him out, handcuffed!

A group called Citizen sang one of my favorite high school/college years songs!  They sang Don’t Let Go, by En Vogue, and they sounded pretty good!  All of the judges concurred with that sentiment, except for Simon.

Of course, there were other good singers, as well as several that were NOT good!  This week’s results will air tomorrow evening.  That is how this season’s X-Factor will be presented, with the performances occurring Wednesday nights, and the outcomes being delivered Thursday evenings!








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Feeling X Tonight!

September 13, 2012 at 9:39 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I am admittedly into these singing competitions, as I do love music, and I enjoy hearing melodic vocal sounds.  I got addicted to American Idol when it began, so now I am hooked onto The X Factor!  Tonight’s episode showed the second round of the season’s introductory contestants, with some of whom were worthwhile singers, and others whom wasted the time of the judges and the viewers!

I did not catch the name of the first contestant, yet he was bold enough to give an original presentation to the judges!  His song was his own, which he entitled “All The People”!  It was a singing/rapping combination, and damn it, it was good! He got yes votes from Britney, Demi, L.A., and Simon!

The second contestant started her performance, and it was not good!  She had a pleasing attitude, and she really seemed to want to be in the competition.  Yet, her voice quality did not equate with that of her enthusiasm!

The judges ALL gave her NO votes!  L.A. – NO!  Britney – NO!  Demi – NO!  Simon likely found her to be cute, telling her that she had a pleasant attitude, and that she needed a second chance.  However, his momentary zeal for the young lady with no actually appealing sound did not match the instant rejections from the other judges!  NO!

The next two contestants received rejections, also!  First, a young man named Dylan appeared onto the stage.  His song was not memorable, which was reflected in the judges conclusions.  He got an ultimate no!  Then, a young man with rock-solid abs got onto the stage, hoping that his looks would give him some level of advantage in the competition.  Yet, his looks and his sound did not compare.  He received a conclusion of no, with L.A. commenting that “all the good-looking people can’t sing”!

The judges admitted that at this point, they were not pleased with The Bay Area talent!  This was followed by the introduction of a Bay Area queen who entered at a time when the judges nearly did not seem ready for him.  Yet, they were lucky to let the scenario play out!

Jason Brock got onto the stage, singing New York State of Mind, by Billy Joel!  Drawers and panties were in total states of shock after hearing that Jason could sing! Looking past all possible attitudes of prejudice and presumptiveness, Brock lit up the auditorium with a powerful sound!

Each judge was startled and surprised by Jason’s amazing voice!  Simon commented first, saying that he loved Jason’s performance.  Britney told Jason that he is amazing, and that she was thoroughly entertained!  L.A. was shocked, telling the contestant that he was flawless and unbelievable!  Demi let Jason know that he sparkled, and that there was joy in his singing!

The next contestant seemed to be some manner of Britney Spears stalker!  Patrick Ford from New Hampshire claimed that meeting the pop star was like meeting God!  He got onto the stage, daring to perform, rediculously performing Britney’s song Circus in front of her!


It is not that he sang that song for the competition while in front of the song’s original singer.  It is that he sang the song, and he SUCKED!  Patrick Ford got onto the stage, and he massacred Circus as Britney was forced to listen!  She, along with the other judges, gave Patrick an immediate and ultimate NO vote!  Patrick continued with his creepiness, showing that he had flowers for Britney.  Simon was protective enough to take them from him, and to give them to Britney himself!

A thirteen-year-old girl entered the stage, preparing to perform a 1960’s classic song.  Young Carly Rose came with Feeling Good, by Nina Simone.  To the surprise of almost all listening, she rocked the house!

Carly’s voice was powerful, and it was beyond her years!  She may have begun somewhat slowly, yet she brought the ammo by the end of the song.  All of the judges stood to clap for Carly!  Britney told her that she is an unbelievable little diva, and L.A. mentioned that Carly has an old soul!  Simon could not believe that it was Carly singing the song, telling her that she is the next star!  Demi told Carly that she wants to buy her music now!

The X-Factor will return next week!  As I understand it, the show will air Wednesday nights and Thursday nights!  It will be entertaining to see the singing talent or the lack thereof, while hearing the enjoyable, yet possibly sniping commentary from the judges.  X will mark the television’s spot!










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…we were jammin’!

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