Cancer Risk for a Human Mars Mission Just Got a Lot Worse

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Astronauts hoping to take part in a crewed mission to Mars might have to pack some additional rad tablets! Long before NASA announced their proposal for a “Journey to Mars“, which plans for having humanity at The Red Planet by the 2030’s, mission planners have been aware that one of the greatest risks for such a feat in human achievement.  Indeed, these tablets may save their lives!

Models of studies of the surface of Mars show that this planet likely deals with traces of cosmic and solar radiation.  Due to a lack of any atmospheric structure, Mars does not have any level of protective barrier to shield itself from solar rays, or any levels of cosmic emissions.  Therefore, living beings on the surface of the planet eventually would succumb to the effects of solar radiation, leading into cancers, extreme radiation affects, acute ocular effects, and cataracts.

research and information courtesy of Universe Today

Cancer Risk for a Human Mars Mission Just Got a Lot Worse — Universe Today


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Lookin’ WAAAAAAAY Back!

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This is some place to which we will never, NEVER, get, not even with satellites, so do not even bother!  Yet, it does not hurt to imagine, to look, and to study in the event that something observable out there could serve as useful on some level that has not yet been recognized.  Plus, it always is a good thing to collect details for study and review purposes!

Astronomers and other scientific researchers have succeeded in locating what is believed to be the farthest-known object within our known universe.  At a distance of roughly 13.3 billion light years away from Earth, a view has been caught of the location now designated as MACS0647-JD.  Through the use of the powerful Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, scientifc researchers have been able to capture images of this galaxy, which is being seen as it existed merely 420 years after The Big  Bang!

The image of this galaxy that has been viewed shows it as it existed at three percent of it’s current age.  The research is stating that the universe itself was little more than 420 million years old.  The galaxy, MACS0647-JD, seems to exist at nearly 2.5 times smaller than our Milky Way.  The observing astronomers believe that it will merge with smaller galaxies that are near to it, thus assembling into a cosmic collection of greater scale!

MACS0647-JD was discovered by The CLASH Survey.  This program works with The Advanced Camera For Surveys, and The Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide-Field Camera 3.  Through the uses of these tools of cosmic information collection, this ancient galaxy, along with twenty-five galactic clusters are being studied.

The observations made by Hubble Telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 and it’s Advanced Camera for Surveys initially located MACS0647-JD.  Confirmations of the galaxy’s actual distance were made by The Spitzer Space Telescope.   Additionally, a the use of a naturally-occurring celestial phenomenon called a gravitational lens was used to get a clear view of the galaxy.  The phenomenon actually is a collection of galaxies itself which produces this area through which light can pass due to the warping of spacetime through the collective gravitational forces emitted by these objects!

Farthest Known Galaxy in the Universe Discovered

SEE THESE SITES!!!…known-galaxy-in-the-universe-discovered…galaxymacs0647-jd-hubble-spitzer-111512…Farthest-Known-Galaxy-With-A-Little-Help
The Galaxy

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A Rediculous Roll Call?

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I do not know how anyone is keeping count with how many galaxies are supposed to have been identified at this point!  Now, while doing some online nerd searching, I get to a regular science site where I read an e-clip about some of the latest research that is happening.  Scientists in the land down under have plans to make an amazing tally of newly-discovered galaxies through the use of their latest, deep-viewing instrument.

The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder, ASKAP, currently is within it’s final stages of review.  It’s construction was completed just this year, and it is located on the facility of The Murchison Radio-Astonomy Observatory, Western Australia.  Through the use of this radio telescope, astronomers will be able to observe objects into the deepest ranges currently possible of spacetime, hoping to gain greater understandings about deep-rooted topics that include the mechanics behind the origins of the universe!

No one ever will know something like how many galaxies there are in the universe.  Yet, there are regular scientific researchers working to keep a seemingly close count.  The 2df Galaxy Redshift Survey seems to be reporting something along the lines of 458,752 observable galaxies (these may have been 2006 results…).

During 2013, ASKAP will be functioning to precede the astronomical viewings of The Square Kilometre Array.  This telescopic tool actually will be an extensive arrangement of sensitively functioning devices that will be strategically situated at locations across Australia and New Zealand.  The instruments will work in conjunction within these precise positions of both nations to pick up signals from deep space, some of which are expected to have been transmitted before the creation of the very first stars!

Updates with the latest astronomical tools will help to bring more clarified views of our neighborhood of the universe.  This involves updated studies that include reviews of our Local Group.  Right now, we recognize our Milky Way Galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy, along with a little more than thirty galaxies and Messier objects as members of our galactic family.  It is certain that clarifications will come with several of the current presentations, including whether or not some galaxies will remain as “members” of The Group, if some will be expelled, or if new members will be inducted!


…on the astronomy vibe, I was with this flow earlier.

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An Extra-Solar World That Seems Like Home?

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I have been away from my scene for a minute, trying to get a hold on some things which I hope will bring some enlightening to other areas of the life setting.  That will have me involved with other activities which now have gained my enthusiasm.  Yet, I do intend to continue with my online curiosities!

Also, congratulations to President Barack Obama!  You always had support here, and you will continue to have a following from this direction.  We are looking forward to a progressive and prosperous four more years under your leadership, as we continue to remind the rest of the planet why The United States of America IS the greatest nation on Earth!

I took some time to stray from other recent priorities to return to some of my favorite areas of study, which include astronomy.  I have gotten stuck on trying to learn about the possibility of habitable worlds beyond our solar system, and the actuality of our ever being able to get to any of these places.  Astronomers and other space-studying scientists are making so many remarkable discoveries about what is out there that it is actually astounding!

One recent discovery is of a K-type main sequence star that has been labeled as HD 40307.  This star is roughly 43 light years away from Earth, situated within The Pictor Constellation.  It is located near to The Large Magellanic Cloud.  This is visible from the southern hemisphere.

Right now, HD 40307 is attracting attention because it has an ample number of worlds orbiting it, some of which having the possibilities of being habitable!  Astronomers and other scientific researchers have been able to identify six super-Earth worlds in orbit of HD 40307!  It seems that most of the planets practically are sitting on top of the star, in locations far too hot to support any manners of discernable life.  Five of them are in positions closer to HD 40307 than Mercury is to The Sun!  However, a lastly identified planet, HD 40307 g, seems to be out far enough to be regularly temperate for life to chance-appear!

HD 40307 g seems to be orbiting the star HD 40307 within the realm of the habitable zone.  Also referred to as The Goldilocks Zone, this is where things are “not too hot and not too cold”, practically perfect for supporting life!  Further observations of this world show that it is tidally locked, meaning that one side of HD 40307 always faces it’s host star.

HD 40307 b and HD 40307 d are attracting attentiong because they are being designated as Super Earth worlds.  These are extra-solar planets which are more massive than our Earth, yet not as massive as the larger worlds, gas giants akin to Jupiter and Saturn.  Many have objected to the term Super Earth because it does imply that the planet could be a seemingly plush world, filled with forests, possibly with critters roaming about, and maybe even a sentient species waiting to be contacted.  That is NOT what was meant when the researchers placed the term “Super Earth”, so I am not sure why they stuck with it.

Artist's conception of HD 40307g
An artist’s conception shows what astronomers hope to confirm: water and an atmosphere at 40307g.




American flag animated animated_us_flag.gif photo



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Freak-Storm Sandy Slams Ashore!

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I have been one of the millions of people following along with the unfolding drama surrounding the catastrophe accompanying the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy.  Now dubbed Superstorm Sandy, this monstrous maelstrom has wreaked havok across the greater East Coast of The United States, stretching from The Carolinas to Connecticut.  No death is minimal, yet thankfully, few people have been killed as a direct result of the storm’s wrath.  The current tallies of fatalities stand at forty, with over eight million people without access to power services.

Sandy reached land near 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday evening.  The reports state that heavy rains fell, accompanied by intense winds, flooding, and power outages.  Over six million residents between Virginia and New York were without electricity by Tuesday morning, with companies like Con Edison having to cut power to residents for safety precautions!

President Obama reminded citizens about the urgency of being aware of all broadcast and posted warnings on needs for all mandatory preparations.  The President stressed the needs to evacuate in timely manners, to listen to certified officials, and not to second-guess intelligence in the face of danger!  He stated that state and local officials have been assessing the situation throughout the entire event of the storm, while current price estimates are rating that between $10 billion and $20 billion will be needed to repair the damages made by Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy is the largest hurricane that has formed within The Atlantic Ocean waters during currently recorded meteorological history.  The storm reaches a diameter of roughly 1,100 miles from top to bottom, side to side, according to meteorological readers.  It is currently being described as a post-tropical cyclone because it is not abiding by the normal parameters that the usual tropical systems of destruction follow!

Hurricane season 2012 is from June 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012.  This year has been no short one, with ten hurricanes.  Michael and Sandy both had wind speeds exceeding one hundred miles per hour!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…sandy-a-freak-storm-or-call…change…sandy…freak-storm

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Look Out Mars, Here We Come!

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We mean to get to Mars!  We mean to conquer Mars!  Mars is ours!  That is the understandingMartians, beware!

Humanity has fantasized about The Red Planet for generations, imagining it to be the home of an incredible species of beings, possibly similar to ourselves, possibly hostile to us.  We have long-thought of Mars as a place that, at some point, will require our presence.  Current advances in science and related research have allowed us to recognize that Mars is not a world that is currently inhabited, yet that it may have held life in it’s past.  It does seem that several factions within our human community are anxious to assist Mars with a revival!

Mars One is a privately-owned project, lead by Netherlands-based businessman Bas Lansdorp.  He intents to lead the mission that will be responisble for the transportation of a human subject to Planet Mars.  The full goal is to have an entire human colony upon The Red Planet by the year 2023!

These plans were announced during June.  Lansdorp spoke of working to set up the mission through stages.  First, during 2013, four astronauts will be selected to live within a replica of a Martian environment that will be situated within a desert location.  There, the astronauts will train and prepare, as if they actually were living on Mars.

Next, a communications satelllite will be created.  This is to happen during 2014.  It is likely to be tested, possibly to be sent into space before the astronauts are sent to Mars.  The satellite will be needed for arranging the availabilities for contact between space travellers and Earth links during missions.

Then, a supply ship is to arrive at Mars during 2016.  It is scheduled to land upon The Red Planet, filled with vital living supplies.  This will include 2,500 kilograms of food.  The mission will be expanded two years later, wen an exploration vehicle arrives to probe for the most suitable location for a human settlement to be placed!

Pressing forward into 2021, two life support units, two living units, another supply unit, and an additional rover will arrive.  This all will be used to assist with the construction of a suitable living environment for human beings on Mars.  Mars One will have tested these items beforehand to verify their capacity for sustaining people during long-term missions upon another world.

It will be 2022 when The SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy rocketship launches from Earth, heading to Mars!  By 2023, a landing should occur, with astronauts prepared to reside within the habitable settlement.  An additional accompaniment of four astronauts will arrive during 2025.

I would have to say that the long-term goal is to colonize Mars, to terraform the planet.  In all honesty, we are using/abusing Earth to the limit, and we possibly are running out of room.  The likely truth is that we will need an additional world to live upon, to invade, for the ultimate purpose of human proliferation.  Mars long has been the likely candidate for such a purpose, and we are ultimately reaching the point where we are able to recognize our capacity to place our imaginations into action.  We will be able to travel to Mars, to terraform the planet, so that we can claim it as our own, and maybe so that we can have two worlds that can exist with human beings that are not intent upon destroying both of them!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…begins-to-the-first-human-colony-on-mars  

another animated mars

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Obama versus Romney: Foreign Policy!

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I actually went ahead and watch this evening’s Presidential Debate, as it is the last one for this election.  I have cast my vote already, so my listening to what either candidate has to say is moot at this point.  I will give both President Obama and Governor Romney credit for presenting their political platforms to the audience in manners that were tolerable and engaging to the point that possibly additonal votes should be gained.

This evening, the setting took a moment to recognize the fiftieth anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination (a month off…), also recalling that The Soviet Union had a Cuban nuclear missile base.  Then, both candidates proceeded to speak from Lynn University at Boca Raton, Florida.  It was the fourth and final debate of this election, with both President Obama and Mitt Romney tied at 47% among polled voters!  The topic for tonight was foreign policy, and no reactions were allowed from the audience!

They began this debate with conversation of the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens, along with how The  United States will work to increase security within U.S. bases in Libya, as well as throughout The Middle East.  Romney stated that “we can’t kill our way out of this mess”, while calling for the Muslim world to go after terrorists on it’s own.  President Obama reiterated his call for stronger leadership out of Middle Eastern nations, while maintaining supervision over the movements of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

President Obama has no regrets for having Hosni Mubarak removed from Egyptian government leadership.  Mitt Romney agrees that was a good idea, also.  He continued with the American (sic) responsibility and privilege to make the world free.  The President said that it was unfortunate to have removed our arsenal from Poland, and a mistake for us to have been silent during The Green Revolution.

The President and Mitt Romney were asked if an attack on Israel is attack on The United States?  The President responded by saying that we will stand with Israel if they are attacked, and that Iran will not get hold of a nuclear weapon.  Mitt Romney tried to crunk it up, answering with, if Israel is attacked, “we will have her back”!  He said that a nuclear Iran is a threat to us!

Both candidates exchanged heat about the status of Iran’s potential nuclear acquisition, and it’s possible dealings through contacts with nations such as China and Russia.  Mitt Romney claimed that President Obama wants to make an apology tour throughout The Middle East to appease nations possibly hostile to The United States.  He is stating that The President is not showing strength overseas, and that he is not strong enough on Iran!

The President retorted immediately, stating that Mitt Romney’s claims are not true!  President Obama said that The United States has worked with China, and is dealing with Iran.  Additionally, our nation is pressing further enforcements to keep Iran off of the potential capacity to acquire nuclear arms.

Terrorism throughout The Middle East was a continuing issue.  Mitt Romney means to have all U.S. troops home by 2014, yet he admits that Taliban forces are growing within Pakistan, which has 100 nuclear warheads, also!  President Obama agreed that Pakistan is a Taliban safe haven, while questioning whether or not it is the appropriate time for us to “divorce” this Middle Eastern nation?  Romney says no, as they have nuclear weapons, and they have terrorists!

The rise of China, and it’s future challenges as a threat to The United States was posed to President Obama and to Mitt Romney.  The President stated that China is a potential threat, yet it is also a potential partner.  He stated that we need to improve our education, reseearch, and our technological capacity to stay on par with China.  The President says that a budget under Mitt Romney will NOT allow The United States to maintain any levels equivalence with an emerging and advancing China!

Mitt Romney went on, making a disagreeable statement about helping the auto industry.  He claimed to have a commitment to helping the auto industry, which would keep The United States as a global leader.  Romney stated that President Obama’s policies do not encourage foreign auto companies to enter our nation to sell products.  The President disagrees!

The President was clear to state that cutting U.S. investments, research. and education will NOT keep us competitive with emerging nations such as China, or with the rest of the advancing world.  He said that we can not return to policies that will place us behind other nations.  However, Mitt Romney countered with stating that U.S. citizens are unemployed, in debt, or on food stamps at rising rates.  He said that our goal should be to “make America (sic) once again the most attractive place in the world”.

As they closed, President Obama said that Governor Romney wants to take us back to failed policies.  The President stated that he has a different plan to create jobs, to have the best education system, to control energy, to maintain the strongest military, and to rebuild at home.  President Obama said, “we can bounce back because of our character”!

Governor Romney said, “I am optimistic about the future.  We can be safe and more confident”.  He claimed that there are two paths to be taken.  One would be President Obama’s path:  dealing with regular take-home pay and loss of jobs.  The other would be his path:  optimisim and job growth.

BOCA RATON, FL - OCTOBER 22:  U.S. President Barack Obama (R) shakes hands with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney after the debate at the Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center at Lynn University on October 22, 2012 in Boca Raton, Florida. The focus for the final presidential debate before Election Day on November 6 is foreign policy.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Photo: Mark Wilson, Getty Images / 2012 Getty Images

SEE THESE SITES!!!…the…gawker-2012-presidential-debate-liveblog…/2012/10/…third-presidential-debate-2012…/Final-2012-presidential-debate-51133.php

Republican vs Democrat

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The Mayans Were A Year Off, and Earth Is NOT In Danger!

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So, if the Mayan prophets had been just slightly more accurate, they would have seen that the actual calamity was not to occur during 2012, but within the following year.  Actual research is showing that it is during 2013 when events of deep-space spectacle will happen.  Studies are proving that an event of seemingly disastrous nature will occur during next year, although Earth will not be affected!

Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the core of our Milky Way Galaxy, will pass uncomfortably close to a plasma cloud.  Close, in the terms of astronomers viewing the event, is roughly 24 million miles.  So, in conjunction with distances throughout spacetime, that likely is pretty close!

This gathering of plasma apparently has been increasing it’s speed, as it currently is racing at a rate of over 4.9 million miles per hour!  This speed has doubled over the past seven years.  Meanwhile, Sagittarius A* already is ripping at the cloud, as astronomers have observed that it’s edges are being shredded by the powerful gravitational forces of the supermassive black hole.

Sagittarius A* ultimately will vacuum the plasma cloud into it’s core, stretching it out into something similar to a lengthy noodle!  Scientists do not know when the final result will occur, as it only is being seen that the plasma cloud is shredding.  They intend to use the studies of this event to understand how black holes work with the ways they operate in the consumptions and destructions of other objects that get caught within their intense gravitational forces!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…black-hole-in-2013…Gas-Cloud-Will-Collide…Black-Hole-in-2013…/5016/…supermassive-black-hole.htm

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Another World Nearby and NOT of The Sun!

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A seemingly similar world has been spotted right next door!  Exciting!  It seems that astronomers whom have been making recent and detailed observations of the night skies have succeeded in locating what must be the nearest planet that is orbiting a star which is not The Sun.  It possibly is where many would have expected it to be located, yet now there is the verification of it’s existence.

Right next door (at 4.3 light years, or 25,278,089,104,689.51 miles away), a new world has been discovered!  It appears to have a likeness to our Earth, in that it is a mere amount more than the mass of our world.  This makes the newly-discovered exoplanet the lightest world outside of our solar system to be identified, thus far!

La Silla Paranal Observatory at Chile is where this discovery was made.  Through the use of the powerful HARPS Instrument, precise peerings into nearby regions of our Milky Way have allowed us to see more of what is sitting right next door.  Alpha Centauri, the ternary stellar system which is the nearest star system to our own, hosts an Earth-like world around one of it’s stars!

The observations are preliminary, but what has been revealed is that a planet with some possible likenesses to our Earth is in orbit of Alpha Centauri B.  It is not immediately akin to Earth, as it is much closer to it’s star.  Floating at an average range of three million miles away from Alpha Centauri B, it is practically in the face of it’s star!  This world is closer to Alpha Centauri B than Mercury is to The SunThis world is on fire!

Currently, the planet has been designated as Alpha Centauri Bb.  It’s host star, Alpha Centauri B, is a part of the three-star system, which is the closest star system to our own solar system within our Milky Way Galaxy.  This system contains Alpha Centauri B, along with Alpha Centauri A, and Proxima Centauri.

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/1528161.html…/new-planet-found-in-alpha-centauri.html…/alpha-centauri…/1637901/

Flaming Sun

This world is ON FIRE!!!

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The Heat Was ON For Round Two!

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This was a much more pleasing and satisfactory contest between our nation’s leading political figures!  The debate for this evening was held at Hofstra UniversityDavid S. Mack Exibition complex.  Located in Hempstead, New York, President Barack H. Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney squared off for a verbal contest that was at a level of far greater energy than the previous meeting!

CNN political correspondent Candy Crowley was the debate moderator, as she introduced Mitt Romney as the first speaker.  He was questioned by twenty-year-old audience member Jeremy about how he would be able to support himself after collegiate graduation.  Mitt Romney state that he knew what it would take to bring good jobs by 2014, but he did not say how.

President Obama responded by saying that he plans to create good-paying jobs.  He intends to support U.S. – based manufacturing jobs, to increase job training, and vocational education.  The President also stated that he  want s to work toward controlling our natural energy sources, which include solar and wind power.

The topic of employment within The U.S. arose immediately, with Candy Crowley asking what can be done to assist long-term unemployed citizens to find work?  Romney would mean to find twelve million new jobs within four years.  President Obama attacked the legitimacy of those statements.

Audience attendant Phillip Tricella asked about whether or not The Department of Energy is functioning as properly as it should be?  The President stated that traditional energy productions have increased, as wind, solar, and biofuel amounts have doubled.  Natural gases are being explored, as are other efficient energy sources.  President Obama said that The U.S. needs new energy sources to stay ahead of nations like Germany and China!

Mitt Romney said that President Obama was behind half-cut permits for oil drilling, which cost The U.S. oil resources.  He stated that our nation needs to take advantage of our own energy sources to become energy independent.  Romney endorses increased oil drilling, also!  The President stated that he is consistent in energy production and clean oil.  He said that oil and gas productions have risen.  President Obama said that these productions rose without oil export levels increasing!

Mitt Romney said that federal export licenses have been cut by half, to which President Obama stated NOT TRUE!  The President said that leases were taken away to be use by the government for production rates.  However, Romney does not believe that President Obama will fight for oil and gas price changes, or for energy security to the level that he would fight for it.  Romney added that he would support U.S. off-shore drilling!

Mitt Romney went on, stating that he wants to simplify tax codes for the middle class, supposedly bringing relief to middle class families.  His policies would limit deductions for high-earning U.S. citizens, and they would not tax middle income U.S. citizens.  Romney claims that his policies would lead to a balanced budget that ultimately would reduce taxes!

President Obama retorted immediately, saying that his plans will lead to middle class tax reliefs with tax cuts by $600 (monthly???), a deficit reduction, and small businesses not experiencing tax increases.  The President said that citizens earning above $250,000 annually will receive tax increases.  He firmly stated that he will not follow a top-down economic policy!

Reducing tax rates on small businesses was an idea with which Mitt Romney agreed.  He stated that his plans would work to make North America energy independent within five years (he did not fully explain that….).  Romney did strike with stating that Obama’s years in office have increased the national deficit!

Katherine Fenton stated that females earn only seventy-two percent of what males earn.  She asked how that will be changed?  President Obama responded to her first.

The President stated that this is a fight for a new middle class.  Specifically, he said that a fight for middle class standards where women lead the scene are what will be the basis.  A coming administration under President Obama will enforce laws that protect against all discrimination, including sexism.  Mitt Romney followed, saying that his administration would let employers to schedule females onto jobs with less difficulty.  He said that he would help women to get good work by building a strong economy.

Susan Katz asked about the failings and the missteps of the Bush administration.  She fears that electing Mitt Romney will bring The U.S. back to that period.  Romney responded by stating that he and George W. Bush are two different people.  He stated that his five-point plan will succeed.  His plans with China willl succeed, where W’s did not succeed.  Romney said that he will champion small businesses, he will keep taxes low on small businesses, as he wants to create jobs to get them to grow!

President Obama answered Ms. Katz, regarding her worries of job losses.  The President said that 5.2 million new jobs will be created this year, and more should be prepared for start upon his re-election.  He said that Romney’s tax cuts would lead to a deficit, along with job and production shipments to China!

Michael Jones is concerned about high prices.  He questioned President Obama about current high prices.  The President answered with talk of Wall Street reforms, job creations, and his maintenance to his political commitments.  He cited where Romney said that Republicans will save money for the wealthy, repeal Obamacare, and cut funding to education!

Mitt Romney took to the podium, telling the audience that President Obama would give the nation a repeat of the last four years, with a 5.4% unemployment rate!  He noted that The President doubled the national deficit, that the national middle-class is being crushed, and that twenty-three million U.S. citizens are looking for work!  Romney said that President Obama’s policies “have not let the economy take off and grow”!

Lorraine Osorio asked:  “What do you plan to do with immigrants as being productive members of society”?

Mitt Romney answered:  he wants the legal system to be streamlined.  He wants green cards to be passed out.  He wants to stop illegal immigration, and to enact an employment verification system.  Romney would mean to allow paths for children of illegal immigrants to become citizens.  He said that Obama’s legislative tactics regarding immigration have failed!

President Obama would like to fix a broken immigration system!  He would work to make it easier and cheaper for immigrants to enter The United States legally.  His policies would increase border patrols, while seeking out rouge, illegal entrants into our nation.  He said that Mitt Romney would veto The DREAM Act!

Romney went back to “revise” President Obama’s earlier statements!  He stated that it should be to let people decide on the places where they can find their best life opportunities, not “to round them up”!

Kerry Ladka asked why The State Department refused extra security in Libya for diplomats?  President Obama responded first, stating that he spoke with a security team from Benghazi, telling them to “beef up”!  He told them to find out why the attack occurred, and he told them to get names (of the attackers).  The President stated that Romney would turn this incident into a political issue.  Mitt Romney did not really say anything to support more U.S. security in Libya.

Alma E. Gonzalez asked about keeping AK47 assault rifles from terrorists, and what can the government do to prevent them from getting hold of these weapons?  President Obama reiterated the need to reinforce laws that are already in effect, as well as to keep these weapons out of the hands of criminals.   He noted Mitt Romney’s flopping position on banning of assault weapons due to political funding from groups like The N.R.A.!

SEE THESE SITES!!!|mostpopular|text|FRONTPAGE

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