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What a treat!  I will be honest, in that I am not certain that I can give an accurate description of all that I saw in an adequate blog entry.  Yet, I will do my best effort at putting forth a recollection of what I found to be an amazing cinematic experience!

The film Cloud Atlas follows the stories of characters throughout different versions of themselves over extended periods of time.  A boat leaving New Zealand during the 1800’s is sailing to The Americas, carrying refugees.  Dr. Henry Goose (Tom Hanks) is aboard the ship, and he is poisoning one of the refugees called Autua (David Gyasi)  who has been working to keep the ship together.  Yet, a monstrous storm strikes, and as the ship nearly sinks, Autua saves Dr. Goose from drowning.  This forever changes the doctor’s racist views of the New Zealand refugees.

Robert Frobisher (Ben Whishaw) was a musical composer during the 1930’s.  His musical works involved assisting with the compositions of fellow artist Vyvyan Ayrs (Jim Broadbent).  He goes onto compose his masterpiece, The Cloud Atlas Sextet, during which he flees his home.  Yet, Frobisher has left with a female who does not love him as he loves her, so he completes The Sextet, he mails it to his pal, Rufus Sixsmith (James D’ Arcy), then he kills himself!

At the end of the 20th century, a writer named Luisa Rey (Halle Berry) meets an aged physicist named Rufus Sixsmith.  She has learned that a nuclear power company is planning to gain control of a nuclear reactor.  It’s activation will make it immediately unstable.  Rey knows that if Sixsmith releases a report about the reactor, it will have the possibility to save lives.  She winds up meeting a reporter named Isaac Sachs (Tom Hanks), who means to assist her.

Rey and Sachs suddenly are sidelined when the company C.E.O. Albert Grimaldi (Hugh Grant) gets wind of their actions.  Security agents Joe Napier (Keith David) and Bill Smoke (Hugo Weaving), are sent to catch Rey.  While searching for her, they kill Sixsmith to prevent him from releasing his report, and nearly try to kill Rey!   Meanwhile, scientist Sachs has fallen in love with her, but he is killed in an airplane explosion that was set up by Smoke.  He gets into a death fight with Napier, then, after the reports have been read, it is Rey who is able to start the shutdown of the nuclear reactor!

A publishing company owned by a Mr. Tim Cavendish (Jim Broadbent) is being coerced into paying $500,000.  Cavendish tries to earn the funds through working at a nursing home, yet he is forced to remain at the center, as he is lead to believe that it is a hotel.  The center facilitator, Nurse Hoakes (Hugo Weaving) prevents Cavendish from leaving, yet Cavendish works out a plan to escape with two other trapped residents!

A Korean clone called Somni-41 (Donna Bae) was created to work at Papa’s Song fast food restaurant.  She advances, becoming more aware and seeemingly sentient, so Somni-41 flees the fast food scene to enroll into college.  Somni-41 learns, and she meets a male companion, Hae-Joo Im (Jim Sturgess).  They explore the city, and Im admits that he is a part of the revolution that is acting against the current government.  He shows Somni-41 where clones are being destroyed for their parts, and she proceeds to write a public notice on behalf of clones.  This leads to Somni-41’s arrest, where she goes onto recognize that she merely has been a creation of social whim!

Lastly, Zachary (Tom Hanks) is a tribal resident of a post-apocalyptic Hawai’i.  A woman with a more advanced tribe called The Prescincts asks Zachary to live with them.  She is Meronym (Halle Berry), and she develops a relationship with Zachary.  It is during The Prescinct ritual mountain climbing that Zachary is confronted by their embodiment of Death, Old Georgie (Hugo Weaving).  Old Georgie tempts Zachary to kill Meronym, but Zachary does not kill her.  The seeming outcome is that an enemy tribe attack their clan, killing or enslaving all of those who resist them.  Zachary and Meronym escape the island, managing to survive for many years afterward.

The story actually was very entertaining, though it had MANY twists and turns!  I likely did not get it all right, did not get it all complete, and need to see it again.  I would like to see it again, as it was entertaining, and it indeed was a visually stunning film!  I would recommend it to any and all sci-fi/adventure film fans, as well as those whom like possible mystery stories.  Cloud Atlas indeed could fall within that realm!

Cloud Atlas Poster

The next major films come with the start of November.  The first weekend of the month brings The Man With the Iron Fists, featuring Russell Crowe, Pam Grier. Lucy Liu, and RZA!  That same day also has Flight and Wreck-It Ralph!  More November films to anticipate include Hitchcock, Red Dawn, Rise of the Guardians, Skyfall, and The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn Part 2!


Watchin’ Hottie Berry….  mmph!!!

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One Good Action Thriller Tonight!

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When Friday comes, so do the movies!  This week brought forth the The Cold Light of Day!  The film opens, taking the audience to Spain, where Martin Shaw (Bruce Willis) arrives to meet his son, Will (Henry Cavill).  Both drive to a port, meeting with Josh (Rafi Gavron), and Josh’s girlfriend.  They proceed to have an evening dinner.

After receiving a phone call, Martin conveys to Will that the family has gone bankrupt!  Yet, proceeding into the next day, the father and son proceed with a yachting excursion.  While at sea, a speedboat races past them.  Will’s girlfriend ends up being hit in the head by the boat mast , and he swims to the coast to get help!

Upon his return, Will sees that the boat has disappeared!  He attempts getting police help, and one cop goes with Will back to seek information.  There, they find a man called Zahir (Roschdy Zem), who tells them that Will’s family has been abducted.  Will chooses to steal a police car to try finding his family, but he wrecks, then he is saved by Martin.  The father and the son team up to find out what is happening!

Martin admits to will that he works for The C.I.A., then he reveals his responsibility in the abduction.  Agents have taken Will’s family, and they want details stored in a briefcase owned by Will.  He and Martin proceed to Madrid to meet with his partner, Jean (Sigorney Weaver), who claims to have lost Martin’s breifcase!  Not trusting Jean, Will goes back to his car, yet Martin suddenly is shot!

Martin returns to central Madrid to get help.  A speedboat has rescued all who were left on the yacht.  Martin goes back, finding no one on the yacht, then he goes to the Madrid police.  They return to search the yacht, finding no clues.  As night arrives, Martin encounters a man who claims to know where his family is at.  The police suddenly accost Martin, but he breaks loose, escaping the officers.

Martin is now with this man who can locate his family, as he is told that C.I.A. agents have them.  They check into a Madrid lodge, then gather firearms to proceed with a search.  Martin connects with Jean, who he no longer trusts.  Martin leaves her, meaning to meet Will, but he is shot to death by a secret agent!

Will gets loose, contacting Martin’s niece, Lucia (Veronica Echegui).  He takes Lucia back to Martin’s apartment, where Jean and a sniper are waiting!  They manage to get away, yet Will is shot!  Lucia takes him to a friend’s home who treats his bullet wound, and he learns details about Lucia being his half-sister!

Later, Will meets with the man who kidnapped his family members.  This man is Zahir (Roschdy Zem), who beats Will up, then sets him loose when he realizes that Will does not know what is happening.  Zahir reveals what is actually occurring, and he identifies himself as an agent from Israel, also in search of this briefcase.   Zahir also realizes that Jean means to get hold of the briefcase, so he uses Will as bait to have Jean within his grasp!  Zahir does let Will’s family that Jean is intent on killing them!

Will decides to trick Jean into becoming his target.  He makes false credit actions that end up causing harm to another agent.  This agent does not have the details that the crooks want, so they follow after Will, ending up connecting with Jean, as they all proceed into an underground lot.   A sound causes Jean to shoot, and she winds up killing men who mean to buy fake jewels being sold by underground thieves!

Jean attempts to get away in her car,  yet Will and Lucia pursue her.  A chase ensues through los calles de Madrid, and Jean ends up chasing Will because he has been a distraction in her own spy agency dealings.  They have a car crash, and Will seems to be injured.  Yet, just as it seems that he is about to be shot by Jean, she is shot to death by a suddenly appearing Zahir!  The film ends with Lucia hospitalized, and Will getting a job offer from The C.I.A.!

The Cold Light of Day movie poster

Next week alone has ten new films premiering!  Certainly, the time is not available to see that many movies in one week!  Yet, some of the highlights include Arbitrage, The Master, and Stolen.  A couple of others on the list of interest are Resident Evil:  Retribution and 10 Years!

I had a Jodeci fall back this evening!

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