Ahmadinejad Continues to Evade Answers!

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I am actually sitting here, watching Piers Morgan interviewing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and it is actually disgusting!  I do not know why I am watching it.  The program is not doing anything for my intellectual advancement, or for my psychological comfort.  The bits and pieces of the interview that are making it to my ears are flowing into my body, thus causing dizzying sensations within my head, and feelings of nausea within my abdomen.

I called myself wanting to watch the program because I wanted to be enlightened by what was being discussed.  I wanted to hear what Morgan would ask the Iranian President, and what the responses would be.  As usual with inquiries placed toward Ahmadinejad, his answers were evasive, abrasive, and at times, outright bullshit!

Morgan continues to beat at Ahmadinejad for an answer about his belief of The Holocaust.  Time and time again, the leader of Iran has denied that this horrific event of World War II ever occurred.  He has stated that The Holocaust is a myth, while suggesting that nations like Canada, or The United States, offer some of their land to create a new Nation of Israel!

Ahmadinejad responded to questions regarding his beliefs of the rights of freedoms for homosexuals.   He asked Piers Morgan whether or not he believed that anyone is giving birth through homosexuality.  The Iranian President then stated that “homosexuality ceases procreation”.

However, he did condemn the terrorist actions that took place in Benghazi, where U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, and other U.S. citizens were murdered.  Ahmadinejad said that “what took place was ugly”“This has very little or nothing to do with freedom of speech”, the Iranian President stated.

Ahmadinejad followed up with his continuing arguments on his nation’s possibility for having nuclear arsenal.  He states that any nation should have the right to defend itself, declaring that one with an ancient history such as Iran should have the credible capacity to stand up to threats from outside sources.  Current intelligence sources within The United States do not believe that Iran has nuclear weapons, yet it is believed that Iran is in the process of attempting to develop one.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking to CNN's Piers Morgan in New York


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