Cancer Risk for a Human Mars Mission Just Got a Lot Worse

June 7, 2017 at 1:50 PM (Uncategorized)

Astronauts hoping to take part in a crewed mission to Mars might have to pack some additional rad tablets! Long before NASA announced their proposal for a “Journey to Mars“, which plans for having humanity at The Red Planet by the 2030’s, mission planners have been aware that one of the greatest risks for such a feat in human achievement.  Indeed, these tablets may save their lives!

Models of studies of the surface of Mars show that this planet likely deals with traces of cosmic and solar radiation.  Due to a lack of any atmospheric structure, Mars does not have any level of protective barrier to shield itself from solar rays, or any levels of cosmic emissions.  Therefore, living beings on the surface of the planet eventually would succumb to the effects of solar radiation, leading into cancers, extreme radiation affects, acute ocular effects, and cataracts.

research and information courtesy of Universe Today

Cancer Risk for a Human Mars Mission Just Got a Lot Worse — Universe Today


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