Anybody Over There???

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The Gliese 581 system has been capturing attention for the past decade, or so.  I realize that it’s distance, and only having so much technical capacity, is making it difficult to study.  Yet, recent finds about it have been fascinating, nonetheless!

This solar system is located in an area of The Milky Way that has been measured as roughly 20.3 light years away from Earth.  It’s distance is within a twenty parsec measurement.  That actually is an incredible distance, roughly 1,174,920,334 miles away!  It is found in the area of the sky that we have aligned with signs of the zodiac.  Gliese 581 is found in Libra.

The Gliese 581 system is being alleged to contain six planets.  The star itself is a red dwarf.  It’s known planets are being estimated as between the sizes of Earth and Neptune.  Some of the six planets are speculated as being within this sytem’s habitable zone.

The planets Gliese 581c, 581d, 581f, and 581g are being studied to discern whether or not they actually are situated in prime locations around their host star.  Astronomers whom have been reviewing the system seem to have identified which of these worlds is located at the right distance from Gliese 581 that would allow it to host life.  It seems that Gliese 581d is in the goldilocks zone, which is encouraging for further studies of this particular world.

Studies of this world are fascinating on several levels.  It would be the affirmation of all time to learn, at last, that we are not alone in the vastness of what we recognize as the universe.  A world that has signs of habitability outside of our Earth would seem to indicate that such a world could exist anywhere.  Taking an even greater stretch, the revelation of a possibly life-bearing planet other than Earth should mean that life should exist in any other places of the universe!

This artist's conception shows the inner four planets of the Gliese 581 system and their host star, a red dwarf star only 20 light years away from Earth


 Green UFO


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This Week’s Cinema: Conquering Inner Challenges!

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I will say that Iwas very pleased with tonight’s selections!  Both of the films were entertaining, and they were worth the time (and money) spent.  It was good to see two films that actually kept the attention during the entire time in the theater!

We began with The Rite!  The ALWAYS entertaining Sir Anthony Hopkins was the lead in this film, starring as Father Lucas Trevant.  He encounters a religious student named Michael Kovak (O’Donoghue).  Kovak is a seminary student at a Vatican City school of exorcism.    He is of American origin, and he is at a point where he is becoming weary of his faith.

It is when Kovak arrives at The Vatican that he begins to explore the more in-depth levels of Catholicism.  This leads to the search into interactions with curious journalist Angeline (Alice Braga), who is researching exorcisms.  Together, they find that even the most holy location of Christianity is not safe from the intrusions of Satan! 

The Rite Poster

We followed-up with The King’s Speech!  This film already is being nominated for several awards!  It revolves around England’s King George VI.  He is familiarly-known by the nickname Bertie.  Those whom know him well realize that Bertie suffers from a nervous conditon, which is why he was not ready to be crowned King of England.

George VI first is coached by his father, King George V.  He leads his son as Prince Albert, while George V holds the throne.  As a boy, Albert has several problems, including a physical disorder that has made him knock-kneed, and a stuttering speech impediment.  Also, he is looked down upon because he is left-handed. 

After George V dies, older brother Edward inherits the throne.  He is cruel to his brother Albert because of his obvious disorders, as well as snide with him because of his attraction to an American female, Wallis Simpson (Eve Best).  Yet, Albert does take speech lessons to deal with his speaking disorder.

World War II is beginning, and Britain is preparing for battle.  It is with a radio broadcast to the nation of Great Britain where Albert has to prepare a weary population.  He is coached by speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) on how to address the public while overcoming his speaking impediment.  At the speech to the nation, along with the knowledge that Winston Churchill suffered from speaking problems as well, Albert finds success.  He has assumed the title of George VI, while providing a calming and encouraging speech to a war-weary nation.

Poster art for "The King's Speech"

Next week, at least two exciting films will be premiering.  The suspense-thriller Sanctum, about a team of trapped, deep-sea explorers, opens.  Also, Hottie Berry is set as the lead in the new film Frankie and Alice, where she stars as a woman dealing with multiple personalities, and displaying racist traits against her own people!

February has several other features premiering during the month!  Big Momma’s:  Like Father, Like Son, Gnomeo and Juliet, I Am Number Four, Unknown, and Vanishing on 7th Street are set to start during February.  March will include The Adjustment Bureau, Battle:  Los AngelesBeastly, Mars Needs Moms, Rango, and Red Riding Hood

Animated Gif Cinema (31)

 I told you to holla back…..

Animated Gif Cinema (36)       Animated Gif Cinema (36)

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Heroic Humor and Human Hearts Had the Night!

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We found our way to the local theater, as with usual Friday evenings.  This week, the choices were so-so, yet advertisements had been making the features seem as if they could be worth a try.  So, we did opt to check out two films…..

The Green Hornet was movie number one!  It begins with showing a young boy named Brit, being punished after a schoolyard fight.  He faced bullies, and his father did not approve of what he felt was his son being a push-over.  It flashes to a meeting between Los Angeles crime bosses, with the boss Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz) standing as the leader.  He shows his power by eliminating a young challenger (James Franco).

Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is a party animal, which is a sign of disdain to his father, James (Tom Wilkinson).  Britt’s image has been in a local paper, along with a story depicting him as a failure.  It is when he is riding in a limosine that he learns that his father has died, suddenly!

Britt learns that he has gained control of his father’s newspaper empire, yet he does not want to run it.  He hires a new secretary named Lenore (Cameron Diaz) to direct the business for him.  Yet,  after a tantrum, he calls fired househelper Kato (Jay Chou) to return and to help him.  Britt shows that he is helpless, and he asks Kato to tell him about his (Britt’s) past.  As Kato does this, he shows Britt an invincible car, and they begin to bond.

This leads to Brit asking Kato about his (Britt’s) father.  Kato tells Britt that his dad “was a bit of a dick”!  Yet, they bond more, exposing that they both hated their childhoods.  They choose to improve their futures by deciding to team up, becoming undercover heroes!

Their first night leads to an encounter with a couple being mugged.  Britt tries to stop the thugs, but he is attacked.  Kato arrives, saving Britt, and fighting the thugs with exceptional skills.  All of them end up running to escape the police!  A car chase ensues, with Britt and Kato escaping with the help of the car’s gadgets.

Upon escaping, Britt proposes the idea of them teaming up as superheroes!  Against Kato’s better judgement, he agrees, and they opt to begin with finding the criminals that decapitated a city statue of Britt’s successful dad.  They go on, choosing to pose as vigilantes in order to get an alleged advantage at catching crooks.  Britt chooses the name Green Hornet, a name from his father, and the team becomes the city’s latest news! 

Their main nemeses are revealed to be Chudnovsky, and district attorney candidate Scalon (David Harbour).  These men run undercover crime rings.  They are the main sources of adversity as Green Hornet and Kato take to the streets in the name of protecting their city from criminals lead by Chudnovsky and Scalon!

The Green Hornet (2011)


We viewed No Strings Attached, second!  The film tells of Adam Kurtzman (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma Franklin (Natalie Portman), who have been friends since childhood.  They now are successful young adults, with Adam writing for a local newspaper, and Emma being a doctor.  Tragedy strikes Emma, as her father dies.  She has to take a leave of absense from work to leave town, and best friend Adam accompanies her.

Adam hangs around at the funeral, yet he leaves afterward, not meaning to see Emma again.  Time does pass, as Adam runs into Emma with a friend.  They speak casually, and  they decide to meet again.

Adam goes home, where his dad is on the patio, smoking a joint!  They share the joint, and have a man to man talk.  Adam learns that his dad is dating his ex-girlfriend, who has moved into the dad’s home!  Adam sulks, and he tries connecting with Emma.  They spend time together, as Adam stays at the home of one of Emma’s friends, along with a few other females.

It is that night when Adam and Emma spend the night together.  Their bonding leads to a moment of romance, which leads to a quickie!  Then, not sure how to describe their new situation, both of them opt to keep the relationship a secret.  It progresses into a series of sexual encounters where Adam is the first to develop more serious feelings.  Yet, Emma does not share the deeper sentiment, opting to abide by the rules of separation to which both of them initially agreed.

Adam and Emma do continue with their hit and runs.  They both attend a picnic, where Adam’s more serious feelings become apparent.  There, a guy that has more seriously romantic intentions for Emma is present.  He disses Adam as her temporary sex partner!

Emma’s sister Katie (Olivia Thirlby) is about to be married.  Also, their mother is about to be married, again.  Emma has a slight feeling of lonliness, discussing this during a moment when she and female friends all meet at her apartment during a time when they all are menstruating!  Her friends advise Emma to follow her feelings.

Adam discusses his feelings at a party.  He talks with pals, including Chuck (Matthew Moy) and Wallace (Ludacris), about his romantic situation. They talk about Adam having Emma as a regular sex pal, and he does reveal that he has greater feelings.  The discussion is cut short as Adam opts to leave.  

Emma is at another party, and she catches a cab to Adam’s apartment.  When she arrives, she sees that Adam is there with other females. She makes them leave, allowing her to spend the night with Adam. 

The next day, Adam gets to his parents’ home, where he enters a surprise party thrown for him!  Adam still is sore with his father over an earlier dispute, yet his dad is ready to forgive and forget.  Still angry, Adam yells at his dad, then he punches a wall.  The impact causes him to sprain his wrist, and to be taken to a hospital.  Emma arrives, then they all go out to dinner afterward.

It happens to be Valentine’s Day when this dinner is taking place.  Adam’s dad is there with a much younger date.  Emma still has some feelings of anger toward Adam, yet he presses her for another date.  She accepts, and they go to a cafe the following night.  It is there where Emma pushes Adam to be with her, yet he does not accept it.  They seem to call off their relationship.

Six weeks pass, and Emma gets depressed.  Her father has died, and she spends time bonding with her mother.  Meanwhile, Adam is working hard on writings.  Emma continues thinking of Adam constantly, deciding that she wants to be with him again.  Her sister Katie makes her call Adam. 

It is over the phone where Adam clarifies to Emma that they never had a true relationship.  She is upset by that, but Adam plays it cool.  Emma decides to rush to Adam’s place, where she sees that he is with a new girlfriend.  They do not see her, so she hides.  It is a cell phone call that rushes Emma to her car, and she drives away.

Inside Adam’s apartment, he and his new girlfriend are in bed together.  She is ready to make out, yet he is talking consistently!  While laying there, he gets a phone call, and he learns that his father has been hospitalized.    He rushes to the hospital, calling Emma while driving.

At the hospital, Adam learns that his dad nearly poisoned himself with cough syrup!  He listened to faulty advise from his younger girlfriend, but he will be alright.  Adam leaves, and he sees that Emma is outside.  It is there where she confesses to Adam that she loves him, and he tells Emma that he loves her, too. 

The two go to Adam’s place, spending the night together.  The next morning, they have breakfast at the restaurant where they first met.  After Emma’s friends arrive, she and Adam finally opt to have a true romance with each other!

   No Strings Attached

What is on the way?  Trailers for the next Batman film are heating up!  The title has been revealed as The Dark Knight Rises, with the villains to be Bane, and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman!  The Transformers are returning with the third film of this franchise, Dark of the MoonX-Men:  First Class has trailers released, with the film set to premiere June 3.  As well, Earth will endure another alien invasion when Battle:  Los Angeles premieres March 11!  Other films on the way include The Adjustment Bureau, African Cats, Frankie and Alice, I Am Number Four, The Last Lions, and The Rite!



 Jammin’ with Baby Willow!!!


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Idol is BAAACK!!!

January 20, 2011 at 11:55 AM (Uncategorized)

What did he say; fuck a duck?   Well, anyway.  They are baaaaaack!!!  Do not act like you have not been waiting for American Idol.  Season 10, is beginning tonight, and with such anticipation!  Let me watch it, first….

Alright, I did watch it.  The show, first of all, had a slightly different atmosphere.  ALL of the judges are musicians, and I believe that is going to make a difference.  J. Lo was her usual hot-bodied self, adding her musical enlightenment to the set, as well.  Yet, I did feel that she was a little Abdul-esque, being too soft with some of those contestants.  Some of those kids could NOT sing, and likely needed to be informed, with greater clarity.  Randy was his usual cool-dawg self.  Steven Tyler seemed tamed this evening, as I was thinking that he would be a little more energetic with his reactions to the auditioners.  Well, he did show out with some of them…..

They auditioned contestants out of New Jersey for tonight’s show.  Tomorrow’s show comes out of N’awlins!  I just heard some male monkey trying to sing Lady Gaga for his audition.  I will watch tomorrow night to see the manner in which he will be dismissed!  Hopefully, there will be several so-called singers to accompany that guy, and what surely will be other mis-tuned mischiefs! 

I am looking forward to further auditions!  They are so fun to watch, seeing some of the contestants whom actually have great singing voices make it to the next levels.  As well, there always is the humor (honest, or spite-filled) that accompanies watching the ones whom do not need to be there, whether they know it, or not!  I can say that I was glad that the twin-guy made it through, with his brother there to support him afterward.  That was encouraging for this season, as hopefully, other singers at and above his level will grace the Idol stage.  We will stay tuned…… 

American Idol Judges 2011




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A Little About Kepler-10b

January 15, 2011 at 12:58 AM (Uncategorized)

It is an evening where I have found myself reading.  Of course, I managed to make my way toward several subjects involving space studies.  One website from gave information about recent discoveries and studies.

The Kepler Space Telescope has been sent on a mission into deep space, with the purpose of locating and examining exoplanets.  Launched in March of 2009, Kepler has located five planets that exist beyond our solar system.  It’s mission is to discover as many exoplanets as possible as it travels through The Milky Way.  Amazingly, in a seemingly short amount of time, the telescope has managed to find a planet that has some qualities like our Earth!

Well, truthfully, none of the planets that Kepler has found is exactly like our Earth.  Yet, Kepler did arrive at this region of space, studying the area from May 2009 to January 2010.  During this time, the satellite encountered it’s first exoplanet with qualities that place it in the category of terrestrially similar worlds.  Designated as Kepler-10b, this world orbits it’s host star at a location equal to twenty times closer than Mercury orbits The Sun.

Of course, that makes Kepler-10b hot!  Studying scientists state that the side of the world facing the star, Kepler-10, is at an estimated average temperature of roughly 2,420 degrees, Fahrenheit.  Yet, Kepler-10b is tidally locked, meaning that one side of the world always faces it’s star.  So, whereas one side endures hellish heat, the other side could be curiously cold.  Kepler-10 is a g-class star, like The Sun, emitting similar levels of heat. 

Further studies of Kepler-10b show that it is extremely dense!  The precise composition of the planet is not known, but it is believed that the world is comprised mostly of metal and rock.  The proximity of the planet to the star will not allow for flowing water, and it has mostly no atmosphere.  As it is so close to Kepler-10, some scientists speculate that orbital interactions between Kepler-10b and it’s star will cause it eventually to be pulled into the star, being evaporated!

Kepler-10b is estimated to be forty percent larger than Earth.  It is 4.6 times as heavy as our world.  It orbits Kepler-10 within an amazingly short length of time; twenty full hours for one orbit!  Kepler-10 is located somewhere between the constellations Cygnus and Lyra.  This puts it at an incredible 560 light years away!

Post image for Kepler telescope finds first rocky planet beyond the Milky Way


Aside:  Joan Rivers is on Letterman, and she is tearing Snooki up!  SOOO Funny!!!!!;title



Check out some Raphael Saadiq!



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Voorwerp Gives Vastly Intriguing View!

January 12, 2011 at 1:44 AM (Uncategorized)

As always, I am fascinated by the latest discoveries made by astronomers.  A latest image taken by The Hubble Space Telescope is amazing viewers of space and scientific studies.  This particular sight is intriguing because of the nature of it.  Scientists seem to be saying that it should not be there!

Well, it is not that it should not be there; so much it is that a highly rare/chance event is allowing it to be visible.  Deep into the vacuous regions of space, astronomers have been viewing what is being described as a dead cloud of gas.  It is located a mind-boggling 650 million light years away, a length of time before humanity “graced” our planet.

It is called Hanny’s Voorwerp, which is Dutch for Hanny’s Object.  It was discovered in 2007 by a Netherlands teacher, Ms. Hanny van Arkel, during a volunteer school astronomy project.  Studies of it reveal that it is roughly equal in size to our Milky Way Galaxy.  It is an enormous cloud of green gas that is located practically beside the galaxy IC 2497.      

Hanny’s Voorwerp is interesting because of the nature of it’s visibility.  We are able to see it from Earth because it is illuminated by the light coming from an unlikely source.  The light that was emitted by an ancient quasar is allowing The Voorwerp to be seen.  Yet, the quasar itself no longer exists!  It died/faded some 200,000 years ago.  However, as it’s light remains, it has allowed The Voorwerp to be visible from the left-over light passing through the region.

Very interesting, I thought.  I have to continue repeating that studies of outer space are so intriguing because there is so much that we just do not know, and so many mysteries are out there to be discovered.  More amazingly, Hanny’s Voorwerp is absorbing gas from nearby IC 2497, causing an immense region to become a stellar nursery!

Hanny\'s Voorwerp


Galaxy     Galaxy     Galaxy



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Legendary Themes and Classic Tales Brought to Screen!

January 8, 2011 at 3:08 AM (Uncategorized)

We are getting back into the swing of things, with our regular weekend movie two-fer special.  This evening, two films were viewed which did provide for pleasing cinema time.  We got to watch a tale regarding the Middle Ages setting of witchcraft, demonic possession, and religious crusaders.  As well, we followed it with an actually humorous film that followed a character whom found himself in a bigger life setting than he expected, and how he adapted to it!

Season of the Witch was the first film!  It starts in the year 1235, with women being executed after being accused and convicted of witchcraft.  They were drowned, but a priest removed their bodies from the water.  He read an incantation, reviving the women.  A moment later, one cast a spell, and she killed the priest!

The tale progresses into the year 1332, during The Crusades, with holy warriors preparing for battle.  Two knights named Behmen (Nicholas Cage) and Felson (Ron Perlman) fought in battles that took them to places that included Tripoli, Imbres, Artah, and Smyrna.  It is Behman who begins to realize the despair in all that is occurring, as men, women, and children were being slaughtered in the alleged name of God.  He and Felson return to England, not having the will to endure more of the torment.

Upon reaching their homeland, the find that many of the people are suffering and dying from The Black Death.  When they get to their home village, both of them are called out as deserters.  Behman and Felson are lead to Cardinal D’Ambroise (Christopher Lee), who also is infected with the plague.  This cardinal charges them to take a woman accused of witchcraft to a set of monks who will decide her fate.  A young and eager fighter named Kay (Robert Sheehan), a knight named Eckhardt (Ulrich Thomsen), a priest named Debelzaq (Stephen Campbell Moore), and a thief named Hagamar (Stephen Graham) accompany them on this journey.

As they travel toward a monastery, the woman is revealed to be a girl named Anna (Claire Foy).  She grows close to Behman, and she shows increasing ire toward Debelzaq.  It is when they stop at night to rest that Anna attacks Debelzaq, and she escapes.  The travelers search after Anna, and Eckhardt begins to have visions of his dead daughter.  An accident occurs, where Kay kills Eckhardt, leading the others to believe that Anna was the cause of it. 

They travel further, reaching a ragged-rope bridge.  The group attempts to cross it, and Kay nearly falls off.  Anna saves him, and some of the others begin to trust her.  Yet, they travel further, into a thick forest, and Hagamar tries to kill Anna.  Yet, she calls upon wolves, which chase Hagamar, biting, then killing him!

The group travels on, with Anna in a cage, reaching the monestary.  The monks there all were dead from The Black Death, so they seek a book called The Key of Solomon.  It is supposed to contain incantations to destroy witches, and they planned to read from the book to defeat Anna.  Yet, as Debelzaq reads the book, Anna escapes from the cage, and she transforms into a demon! 

The demon tries to destroy The Key of Solomon.  The travelling fighters proceed into the monestary, getting to a room filled with dead, yet animated, monks!  These monks are writing copies of The Key of Solomon, which is filled with incantations and rituals to destroy demons.  The demon Anna destroys the copies, and it possesses the monks.  A battle begins, as Anna kills Debelzaq, then sets Felson on fire!

The others continue to battle Anna.  It is Felson that finally reads the incantation which destroys her, yet he is burned alive.  The battle continues, and Kay finishes reading the rites to destroy the demon.  His reading does release her from the demon’s control, yet he is gravely wounded in the process.  Kay dies, but he asks Felson to guard the freed Anna beforehand.  Afterward, Felson and Kay make graves for the fallen warriors, and they proceed into a new crusade!

Poster for Season of the Witch

The silly, yet amusing Gulliver’s Travels was the second film!  Loosely-based on the classic tale, it starts in an office-job setting, where Lemuel Gulliver (Jack Black) works as an office aide.  He gets a promotion, and a new employee named Dan (T.J. Miller) starts in Gulliver’s old position.  As time passes, Dan gets promoted, and he becomes Gulliver’s boss!

Upset by this, Gulliver has a talk with Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet), whom he convinces that he can write a fantastic story based on his travels around the world.  This is all a lie, yet Darcy does not know this.  So, she takes Gulliver up on his offer to write the fantastic story. 

Gulliver goes home, not knowing how he will get any kind of story together to present to Darcy.  He explores the web, eventually compiling clips from several online stories.  Gulliver returns to work, and Anna is impressed by what she believes is fantastic work that Gulliver wrote.  She presents him with a new assignment:  travel to The Bermuda Triangle, and write a story to confirm that the tales of ships being taken away by extraterrestrials is all a fantasy!

Gulliver plans to travel to Bermuda, where he gets a boat to sail into The Bermuda Triangle.  While sailing in The Atlantic Ocean, a storm appears.  A waterspout is created, which sucks Gulliver’s boat into it.  He is tossed about in the storm, and e finds himself washed onto the shore of a strange island.  There, miniature people appear, and they label Gulliver as a beast.  The tiny people tie up and trap Gulliver!

Now imprisoned, Gulliver learns that he is on Lilliput.  He meets several of the tiny people, including Horatio (Jason Segel).  Horatio was imprisoned by General Edward (Chris O’Dowd), who wants to have the Princess Mary (Emily Blunt).  Horatio likes Mary, and Edward knows this.  So, he had Horatio jailed in order to eliminate any competition!

Lilliput finds itself under attack by the tiny enemies of a nearby island called Mofucia.  Gulliver, “The Beast”, is called upon to protect the Lilliputians.  As the attackers bomb the isand, Edward turns against his people, siding with the Mofucians.  Then, a fire breaks out in the castle.  Gulliver puts out the fire by pissing on it, and he drives away the invaders.  He is declared to be the savior of Lilliput, and he proceeds to lie to the tiny people about the truth of his origins.

Meanwhile, Darcy gets hold of Gulliver’s writings in the real world, finding that they all were plagerized.  As she now is mad with Gulliver, he finds himself called upon by The Lilliputians to protect them from invaders of a nearby island.  Edward became a traitor, siding with the invaders as an act of revenge because Mary does not  want to mary him.

Darcy has gone to search for Gulliver, and she too gets lost in The Bermumda Triangle.  She is standed on Lilliputia, trapped by the tiny people, also.  Horatio learns that Darcy has been captured, so he and Gulliver proceed to battle the enemies. Gulliver also is challenged to sword fight against Edward.  He defeats Edward, with Horatio’s help, yet Horatio proceeds to court the Lilliputian princess.  He tries to take hold of her, threatening to kill her.  Yet, the princess punches Edward, slapping him, and releasing herself from his grasp!

Peace is declared between the warring mini-kingdoms.  Gulliver returns to New York City with Darcy.  They eventually bond, becoming a romantic couple.  They find success together, having written a joint story about their “fantasy” trip to an imaginary island of miniature people!

Poster for Gulliver's Travels (2010)

Stay tuned, as more movies are on the way!  The comedic superhero story The Green Hornet starts January 14.  That same day brings other films that include The Dilemma and Burning PalmsThe Company Men and No Strings Attached start the following week.  January rounds out with The Company Men, From Prada to Nada, The Mechanic, and The Rite!             

Film ReelFilm Reel   

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They Did NOT Expect to Hear THAT!!!

January 5, 2011 at 8:35 PM (Uncategorized)

It does seem to be the usual habit of any given person; opening one’s mouth to make comments on someone or something about which they know not a damned thang!  I will concede guilt to this very bad habit, also.  Well, it seems that when seeing this one man, then hearing him, has forced many people to reach very different conclusions than those that likely were formed at first!

…and WOW!!! NO ONE expected that!  It began in Cleveland, Ohio, with a Columbus Dispatch reporter was reviewing the neighboring Ohio city’s downtown area.  He was gathering details about Cleveland’s homeless situation, for which he planned to use for the compilation of a news article.  Yet, upon encountering one down-luck loiterer, the reporter had a story for the entire nation!

He was driving along Interstate 71, and he passed a homeless man who was holding a sign.  It read, “I have the God-given gift of voice”.  The reporter opted to stop and to investigate.  He approached the homeless man, asking that he give proof of the written claim for a cash offering.  The homeless man began to speak, and what must have been a state of shock befell the reporter!

Sounding something like a lost James Earl Jones, the homeless man began to speak with stunning sound!  His voice was enchanting, leaving the reporter to wonder why this man was on the streets, and not in some broadcasting booth.  The man was identified as Ted Williams, and recordings of his voice were taken by the reporter back to The Columbus Dispatch.

The recording of Williams’ voice had a viral spread.  News stations across the nation got wind of his sound, with offers for interviews being sent to him.  The Morning Zoo, a Columbus, Ohio WNCI 97.9 morning radio show, allowed Williams to appear for a live broadcast.  Magic 98.9, another Columbus radio station, has had him announcing for their morning broadcasts.  Also, WNCI 97.9 of Cleveland has made an offer for Williams to announce regularly on their show.  Yet, perhaps most profitably, The Cleveland Cavaliers have made a request to have Williams as an announcer at their NBA basketball games!

It is highly unlikely that the last has been heard from Ted Williams.  His unexpectedly enchanting sound has been revealed to him as a long-hidden gift in disguise.   The nation, and indeed the world, can prepare to hear Mr. Williams as he speaks with golden sound on Ohio radio broadcasts and NBA announcements.  Congratulations….

Ted Williams Homeless Man Voice



…and now!







Reminds me a little of this….


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