…but I wubb her!?!

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At what age does one really know the meaning of love?  It is arguable that some people never learn it.  Yet, many people feel that true feelings of love can come at any age, as it is something which is only delivered through actual, heart-felt emotions.

Well.  With all of that in mind, it does remain curious to classify the actual emotions of youths as true love.  Indeed, it is understood that love at any age can come through expressions toward people and things for which one may have long-standing feelings of affection.  Bonds through families and lengthy friendships are understood to precipitate deep sentiments that will include love.

It often is a debatable and questionable topic to discuss, the idea of children falling in love.  Granted, most youths begin to understand this common human emotion at ages that seem to get younger and younger.  Many people have had their first romantic experiences at ages that could seem to be startlingly young, perhaps even before puberty.  Yet, can it be, should it be acceptable and allowable for children to marry?

I realize that some places around the world have arranged marriages for their children.  These can be attributed to cultural practices, family agreements, perhaps even  due to financial needs.  Yet, whatever the reason may be, it seems to be questionable as to whether or not it is a rational-reasonable idea for children to marry.

A thirteen year-old boy from Pakistan recently has been married.  His wife merely is three years older than him, at age sixteen.  Skirting the facts of their age differences in relation to their gender-related maturity capacities, the youths were allowed to marry after the approvals of their families.  Both groups are experiencing financial difficulties, and the boy’s family helped him with finding a wife to assist with their home duties.

It was the boy’s family that initiated the efforts in finding a wife for him.  His father has died, his mother is ill, and they are having financial problems, now.  They believe that allowing the boy to be married will help with issues that include money and household duties.  The nation of Pakistan does allow males as young as 18 to marry, and the same with females whom reach 16 years of age.

Gherat Khan, the boy at thirteen years of age, believes that he truly loves his older female.  Yet, it is the school that he attends that has serious issues with Gherat being married.  The school officials at Peshawar Model School opted to have the boy expelled due to the likelihood of his relaying the details of his private relations inappropriately, and to other children within the school. 

Patrice Jamil, the school’s principal, stated that Gherat was expelled out of concern that the intimate details of his personal life would be shared among the other children.  However, the school’s public records state that Gherat was taken out of the school because of a request from his parents.  The principal did reveal that she and campus officials believe that Gherat’s revelations of his personal life among other students would cause an unnecessary disruption throughout the school.

Gherat and his family now want him back at that school.  The young man eventually plans to complete studies that will allow him to become a doctor.  Now, after all of this controversy, Gherat wants to return to this particular school to finish this level of his education.  However, it is the school’s principal whom does not want to see him return due to the possibly negative publicity that may bring!









…and this!!!





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It was a GOOD movie night!

May 29, 2010 at 1:05 AM (current news, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews)

Alright.  I will concede that it was better than I expected.  I was not a fan of the television series, and I only followed along with some of the stars’ works.  Yet, I do have to say that Sex and the City 2 was a good film!

These four firm friends, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Samantha (Kim Catrall) return for a sequel.  It starts at the wedding of two of their gay friends, which turns out to be a lavish affair.  The event even has Liza Minnelli performing (comically, yet frighteningly) to Beyonce‘s Single Ladies!

Later, Carrie begins on a flight to Abu Dhabi, on a trip to meet her friends for a vacation in the luxurious hot spot.  They all are taking a vacation meant to get them away from the problems of their everyday lives.  As they get through some issues on the trip, and Samantha copes with menopause, the friends arrive at a fabulous Abu Dhabi resort.  It is here that they all begin to connect, opening to one another about their deeply personal issues.

Carrie shares the details of her relationship with Steve (David Eigenberg).  Charlotte opens up about how things are going, as she is raising her now two year-old daughter.  Miranda is in a new job where she feels that she is not appreciated.  Yet, it is Samantha’s public relations job that allows them to have an all-expense paid trip to an Abu Dhabi resort!

It is in the desert hot-spot where the ladies take the time for some necessary bonding and stress relief.  Samantha is dealing with the effects of her now menopausal life.  Miranda is having some me-time, getting away from the stress of her law-office life.  Although being an at-home mom was not seen as that much of a problem to some, Charlotte needed some personal tome, also.  Carrie had been recouperating from the success of her last published work, and she wanted to enjoy freedom with friends, too.

The ladies continue with through their trip throughout The United Arab Emirates.  The trip is financed through a financial reward given to Samantha.  They arrive, getting registered at a lavish hotel, and observing some very attractive sites, along with the ones not on two legs!

Samantha meets a man with whom she opts to become acquainted.  All seems fine until she publicly kisses the man, which is a problem in this middle-eastern (chauvinistic?) nation.  She winds up having the client with whom she worked to arrange their vacation trip to keep her from spending extended time in a Middle Eastern jail!


We saw Prince of Persia:  The Sands of Time, second!  I was surprisingly pleased by this movie!  The film actually was fabulous, and it was in 3D!

Prince Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) lives in sixteenth century Persia, as a part of the ruling family.  He was taken in from the streets as a child, and given the life of royalty.  It is while Dastan is emerging within the regal family when it is learned that Persia soon would be attacked by an enemy nation.

Dastan’s brothers, Tus (Richard Coyle) and Garsiv (Toby Kebbell), learn that enemies are preparing to attack their land.  Tus takes the lead, preparing Persian soldiers to make a preemptive strike upon raiders from the holy city of Alamut.  However, during the battle, he meets the lovely Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton).

The situation gets twisted when Persian King Sharaman dies!  His death was a mystery, yet those whom wanted to take control of the throne were successful in accusing Dastan of the king’s murder.  He is able to escape with Princess Tamina, and they proceed on a dangerous effort to find out the truth about the king’s death.

Working with Tamina, Dastan has to protect an ancient blade.  This dagger has the power to bestow upon it’s wielder the power to travel back in time.  Yet, the blade currently is held by a villain named Nizam (Ben Kingsley).  Nizam plans to use the dagger to travel back in time, creating a massive sandstorm that would have destroyed the world as they know it, currently!  This would prevent Dastan and his family from ever having been the ruling family of Persia!

June is about to start with some great features!  The first weekend of the month will feature the exciting sci-fi/horror Splice, along with a fun featuring of Marmaduke, and Ass N’ Coocher starring in Killers!  The following week will bring The A-Team, along with Jaden Smith featured in The Karate Kid!  More June films include Grown Ups, Jonah Hex, The Last Airbender, and Toy Story 3!


Gettin’ down to some Gaga!

 Rest in peace, Gary Coleman!


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Lee Dewyze Wins Idol Spring 2010!

May 26, 2010 at 11:32 PM (Uncategorized)

Something told us that Lee was going to win!  He is NOT the better singer, yet that is how the show has played out, over the years.  As I understand it, the arrangement works out better for the runner-up!

After the end of yet another amazing season, American Idol has announced it’s Spring 2010 champion!  The contest came to a showdown between finalists Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze.  An enthusiastic and exciting season of songs has occurred, and Lee Dewyze has emerged as the winner!

I suppose that is good.  Lee is a decent singer.  I must contest that he can not sing better than Crystal.  In fact, there may have been a couple of others from earlier in the season whom should have – could have been better performers.  Yet, it is all about who gets the most votes.  Apparently, Lee amassed more than Crystal.  Well, good luck, Lee!

This evening’s show was spectacular!  It was quite star-studded!  Singers were showing up like roaches crawling out of wall cracks!  I mean, some of everybody was there! 

The concert began with Idol alumnus and past-winner Kris Allen singing!  He lead into a humorous tribute to exiting judge and show-leader, Simon Cowell.  This was followed by singing by contestants Aaron Kelly and Siobhan Magnus.  Michael Lynche sang Takin’ It to the Streets with soul-singing star Michael McDonald (a hit from McDonald’s days with The Doobie Brothers) Dane Cook sang a humorous effort to some of Simon Cowell’s insults!

Even more singers highlighted the stage!  Hall and Oates sang!  Crystal Bowersox got to sing a duet with Alanis Morissette, then Alanis sang her hit, You Oughta Know Carrie Underwood sang, followed by Casey James!

Finalist Lee Dewyze got to sing with long-standing singers Chicago!  There was a (sort-of) comedic moment, with William Hung and dancers performing to the curiously comical tune “Pants On the Ground” Paula Abdul sang as well, and she did a tribute to Simon!

Past American Idol contestants return to grace the stage.  Many of the singers from over the show’s past years were there.  Fantasia Barrino, Ruben Studdard, and Carrie Underwood had their faces shown to highlight all of the Idol alumni!

A fully-sumptuous Janet Jackson was presented at the end of the show!  She had a sleek and slickly-gelled hairdo, beginning her medley with Nothing.  Miss Jackson continued into a dance medley of several of her hits, along with dancers from her performance troupe!

As the show’s end approached, Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze returned to the stage.  They sang together, and Joe Cocker was introduced.  Ryan Seacrest returned, and the winner was announced.  It was Lee Dewyze whom emerged as this season’s champion!

I have to reiterate that Lee IS NOT a better singer than Crystal.  Yet, it is about votes, and possibly other contract agreements about which we know nothing.  Lee is supposed to be bound by American Idol for one full year before he can branch out on his own, whereas Crystal can get started into her own musical career, immediately!  Well, best of luck to both of them!




American Idol logo.png


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Give This to Crystal!!!

May 25, 2010 at 9:54 PM (Uncategorized)

Lee really has no business competing with Crystal.  He can NOT sing against her, and anyone whom thinks so needs to have ears checked and cleaned!  I am ALL-FOR Crystal!  When she sang Black Velvet, I was in here, shimmy-shakin’ it along with her, not caring who or what was watching!  She sounded hot! 

Crystal’s first song was Me and Bobby McGee, from Janis Joplin!  It was  like fire, as put by Kara!  Crystal opened the concert tonight with her guns loaded, and she hit the target on that song!  The judges were pleased equally, with Ellen finding Crystal to be compelling, and Simon telling her that she is at her best tonight!

Crystal’s second song was Black Velvet, from Alannah Myles, and again, she was on fire!  I like that song already, and hearing it through Crystal made me want to hear the song more!  Her voice was perfect on that song, with soul and force!

Each of the judges was thrilled with Crystal!  Randy began, saying that Mama Sox is in it to win it!  Ellen found it to be fantastic, and Kara heard Crystal hitting all of the notes.  Simon felt that she nailed the song, and he was impressed by her!

She concluded with Up to the Mountain, originally sung by Patti Griffin.  Crystal added her guitar to her vocals, which set off her sound very nicely!  The judges were impressed thoroughly, as Randy stated that Crystal gave one of her best performances, and Ellen told her that she is in a league of her own!  Kara noted that Crystal has blossomed, and Simon told her that it was the best performance of the night!

I was going to go ahead and declare Lee as the runner-up, but I do not want to jinx Crystal.  We know how voting can go around here.  I missed the name of his first song, but it sounded so-so.  He had his guitar while singing Everybody Hurts, by R.E.M., second.  The judges seemed alright with it, as Ellen, Randy, and Simon wanted to hear more when he sang that song.

Lee came with a song from U2, Beautiful Day, for his last performance.  I thought that he sounded alright for his last song choice, though he did seem to be yelling.  I did not know – did not like the song, so I had to go on Lee’s sound.

Randy was satisfied, telling Lee that he got his groove back!  Ellen loved his energy!  Kara was not as happy, telling Lee that the song may have swallowed him!  Simon gave Lee congratulations for his efforts, telling Lee that he made him proud!

The results will be announced tomorrow night.  Again, I must state that Lee does not need to be competing against Crystal!  She is in a league of her own, and she totally stomps that guy with her sound.  There is no comparison!  I will have a copy of her first CD! 

Image: Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze



      American Idol 


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Gulf Oil Spill Catastrophe Continues!

May 25, 2010 at 7:13 PM (Uncategorized)

The horror of the oil spill within The Gulf of Mexico continues!  The oil rig that was leased/owned by British Petroleum exploded on April 22.  Now, over one month later, oil freely flows into the waters, with seemingly no rational end to come!

Nevermind that The Gulf of Mexico, including much of the related, submerged ecosystem, has been damaged, rather destroyed!  There are speculations that roughly 210,000 gallons per day are leaking into the waters!  Furthermore, eleven offshore oil rig employees have been declared to have been killed as a result of this catastrophe!

A higher executive from British Petroleum did meet with Congress.  This individual admitted that the oil leak is continuing, and that NO actually reasonable efforts have been made to stop it.  Various plans have been tossed about, although none of them has been solidified in to an actual bolstering into action.

This same BP executive admitted that the spill could reach a level of release that may equal to 60,000 barrels per day.  That is estimated to be ten times more than what is being released, currently.  Each barrel holds forty-two gallons of oil.  So, doing the math of 42 times 60,000 equals a whole lot of friggin’ oil!  That is only for one day!  This leak has been happening since April 20, and an end to it has not been forecast!

BP now is being called Bloody Petroleum instead of British Petroleum!  This reckless action that has caused irreparable damages needs to have several individuals held accountable.  This needs to include employees and executives of this company, as well as elected officials whom have advocated and sponsored the actions of off-shore drillling.

It almost seems as if we have gotten so used to the regular damages that we infict upon our planet that many people are numb to this latest horror.  Earlier this month, national protests occurred to show that people are aware, and are unhappy with BP’s response to this travesty.  Calls have been made for The United States’ government to seize control of BP and it’s assets, using those monies for the necessary procedures that are desparately needed for attempts at repairing the ongoing oil spill.




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Pondering E.T.!

May 24, 2010 at 11:48 PM (Uncategorized)

Right now, I am tuned into The Science Channel, and I am again fascinated by the program being shown.  This is a repeat topic, yet it is so intriguing that it demands attention when any similar show airs.  It actually is an episode of the program Sci-Trek, and this one discusses first contact.

I am a firm believer that life does exist elsewhere within this universe.  I hold tightly to the thought of what would have been the point, with all that exists within the vastness of space, for one lonely planet to harbor life, intelligent or otherwise?  I understand that it likely will not be next door, yet certainly, there has to be some kind of life elsewhere in the universe.

We now know that no discernable life exists within our solar system, presently (not dismissing studies of MarsEuropa, and Titan), that is outside of our beloved Earth.  Yet, this merely is one small location within an area so vast that it nearly defies the imagination.  Our solar system is among a vast number of similar structures, likely one of billions within our own Milky Way.  Indeed, our galaxy is one of millions within what we understand as the universe.

If a planet is going to harbor life, it has to exist within the habitable zone of it’s solar system.  Life, as we understand it, can not survive without a primary source of energy.  A planet has to be within a reasonable distance from it’s host star to be able to sustain life.  Earth, orbiting an average of 93,000,000 miles from The Sun, is situated within such a prime location.

It is speculated that Mars is/was within that distance, as well.  Scientists are tossing with the idea that life may have been prevalent on Mars, at one point within that planet’s past.  Yet, further suggestions have lead to further ideas that any possible life on Mars went extinct eons ago, or possibly went somewhere else!

Other stars throughout the vastness of space host planets.  Many of these stars will have a habitable zone.  It is not beyond reason to think that there are planets within these particular regions around distant stars that have allowed life to develop and evolve.

Currently, programs like S.E.T.I. are putting reasonable effort into finding out whether or not there is anybody else out there.  S.E.T.I. was formed officially during 1984, and presently operates with nearly 200 scientists dedicated to finding out whether or not we are alone in all of this vastness.

The search for life is not bound to finding walking and talking beings.  Knowing that any kinds of living creatures, animal or plant, exist beyond Earth would be a certain confirmation that life does exist anywhere.  Researchers with S.E.T.I., along with other scientists, including Dr. Diana Northup, have been studying the diverse manners in which life on our home planet has evolved, and continues to exist.  These types of studies are useful in realizing how life may be present within areas that are completely alien to our understandings of how life can form and progress.

  martian5 Aliens Ufo Gifs Animated martian Aliens Ufo Gifs Animated martian1 Aliens Ufo Gifs Animated







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Continuing Animated Adventure & Silver-Screen Stupidity!

May 22, 2010 at 12:10 AM (Uncategorized)

Friday is Friday, and that means movies!  This evening, we saw to films on which we had been waiting.  As one was a highly anticipated and popular animation, the second film was a comedy take-off from a late-night television laugh scene!

We figured that Shrek the Final Chapter was going to be great, and we were not let down!  The story picks up from the last entry, as Shrek (voice of Mike Myers) now is happily married to Fiona (voice of Cameron Diaz).  They have settled into domestic life, raising triplets.  Shrek even has gotten to a point where he is autographing pitchforks and play-scaring children to please local villagers.

As he longs for something more, Shrek seeks assistance from Rumplestiltskin (voice of Walt Dohrn), who is a seeming con-artist.  Shrek tells Rumplestiltskin his problems, then he has Shrek to sign a contract.  Supposedly, this will allow Shrek to return to the days where his life was satisfactory, not burdened by having to please his wife, or to deal with his constantly crying babies.  However, the naive ogre does not read the fine print, as the conniving Rumplestiltskin quickly takes back the signed contract, then grants the wishes to Shrek!

As believed by Shrek, the deal was to give him a day of freedom where he would not have to deal with his nagging wife and crying babies.  Yet, the ogre-dad did not read the fine print, which actually erases Shrek from history.  He will not have to deal with all of his problems because he never had been born!

Now the land of Far Far Away is warped, totally!  Rumplestiltskin is the king, and all ogres are hunted outcasts!  Shrek’s best-friend, Donkey (voice of Eddie Murphy), does not know him.  Fiona does not like him, is again under her ogress-by-night curse, and she is the leader of a rebellion against the foul king of Far Far Away.  Puss in Boots (voice of Antonio Banderas) now is a true fat cat, who wears a pink bow, and he is lazy and useless (feed me, if you dare…)!

If Shrek wants to break this curse, he must get Fiona to kiss him before sunrise of the next day.  That will break the contract that Rumplestiltskin tricked Shrek into signing.   However, Rumplestiltskin now is happy with leading a life of luxury, with Shrek and his cohorts banished.  A battle ensues so that things can be returned to normal.  A battle ensues, placing Shrek and the misplaced characters of Far Far Away against the wicked Rumplestiltskin, who means to keep them in their now warped world!

Shrek Forever After

We opted to view the mindless madness of Macgruber, second!  The hunter for hire, Macgruber (Will Forte), now is retired from duty.  His wife (Maya Rudolph) was killed by villains, ten years earlier.  After mourning, Macgruber simply seeks to have a life free from distress.

Government agents find Macgruber to tell him that he is needed again for service.  At first, he rejects the thought due to dealing with the aftermath of the loss of his wife.  Yet, Macgruber is dedicated to his country, and hejust knows that he is the only person capable of handling this latest task!

The government wants Macgruber to find a nuclear weapon that has been stolen by an arch-enemy named Dieter von Cunth (Val Kilmer).  Macgruber cautiously decides to assist the government, figuring that he is the only person whom can deal with this task.  Joined by Vicki St.Elmo (KristenWiig) and Lieutenant Dixon Piper (Ryan Phillippe), Macgruber moves into asinine action.  They plan to capture Von Kunth before he can get into position that will allow him to detonate his nuclear device, harming millions of people. 

Amazingly, through mindblowingly mindless moves, and in between mometarily heated romance with Vicki St. Elmo, Macgruber does manage to complete the preliminary reconnaissance mission.  He is assisted by St. Elmo and Piper, as they all work to capture Von Cunth before he can execute his plans of mass destruction! 


The trailers for The Karate Kid are looking great, with little Jaden Smith looking terrific for his role in this adventure update!  I am getting preliminary information about a sci-fi – adventure from Steven Spielberg, called Super 8, to be released soon!  I am very excited about Predators, Splice, and Thor!  Even more great films are coming, including The A-Team, Cats and Dogs:  The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Despicable Me, Dinner For Schmucks, Inception, Jonah Hex, The Last Airbender, Lottery Ticket, Salt, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice! 



Check out this latest Alicia!!!


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Idol Spring ’10 With 2 to the End!

May 19, 2010 at 9:57 PM (Uncategorized)

Casey James got sent home!  Well, boo-hoo Becky!  It was so tragic seeing all of those heart-broken, teenaged girls hollering!  No matter.  Coming in third place is not a bad thing.  Most contests give some levels of discernable credit to contestants who make it that far!

American Idol season nine is winding down!  Casey James was ejected this evening, leaving the finale to a sing-off between Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze.  I have said all along that Bowersox should be – will be the winner.  Now, we will have to see how the final show turns out, and how the votes are tallied.

Casey sang It’s Alright With Me, by Eric Hutchinson.  The judges were not alright with that pick, with Randy telling Casey that it did not work, and Simon telling him that he made “a dud song choice”!  His second pick was Daughters by John Mayer.  It received better opinion, with Ellen telling Casey that it fit him like a glove, and Kara applauding him for showing his sensitive side!

Crystal started off with a popular tune by Melissa Etheridge, Come to My Window!  The song was good for Crystal, with Ellen telling her that it was a good choice, and Kara saying that she presented good vocals!  Crystal came back with Maybe I’m Amazed, by Paul Mac Cartney.  Simon thought that it was terrific, as Randy was happy with her vocal presentation.  He expressed that “we’ve got somebody in it to win it”!

Dark horse Lee Dewyze is not to be counted out, just yet!  He began with Simple Man, by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Randy felt that it was a great choice, and Ellen told Lee that he went from being a lamb to a gazelle!  Simon wondered why Lee made that song choice, but told him that it was on the money.  Kara felt that Lee won round one!

His second selection was Hallelujah, from Leonard Cohen.  This is a good song, upon which Lee seemed to explode!  He got rave reviews from the judges.  Randy told him that it was unbelievable, Ellen said that it was stunning, Kara told him that he had “an incredible, epic moment”, and Simon was proud that Lee showed he could be a fantastic singer!

Now, with Casey gone, it is going to be between Crystal and Lee.  I think that is fair.  Each of them will be receiving record contracts, and possibly more.  Hopefully, they will be able to make great use of this success, becoming the stars whom they were destined to be!  I would like to hear original music from both of them!




 File:American Idol logo.svg

  animated gifs


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Bullied-out Star Speeds Through Space!

May 19, 2010 at 8:08 PM (Uncategorized)

Sometimes, you can look around, then see that so many things are on the move!  Motion is a common action among just about everything within the universe, large and small.  As studies of outer space show that so many thngs are moving about, one recent study is showing that a star has been seen, and it is moving at break-neck speed!

It is being called a homeless star, or a runaway star.  Located within The Large Magellanic Cloud, a neighboring system to our Milky Way, is The Tarantula Nebula.  This is a region within outer space where stars are born.  The nebula is located roughly 180,000 light years from our Earth.  This star seems to have moved about 375 light years from it’s original location.

The Tarantula Nebula is such a large location of star formation that there seems not to be enough room for all of them.  As with the ways of nature, the bigger bullies have their ways with the smaller things.  It seems that one little star is being forced out of it’s region!

This troubled star already has ninety times the mass of our Sun.  So, it is no small-fry!  However, even larger stars of this nebula seem to have used gravitational forces to nudge the star out of it’s original location.  Studies are showing that this star is being forced out by larger, more massive stars that are in the general area (bullies…).

The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph of The Hubble Space Telescope is showing that the star already has moved roughly 375 light years from it’s point of origin within the star cluster R136.  This already is at the edge of The Tarantula Nebula.  The distance that the reject star has travelled is equalled roughly to 2,250 trillion miles!

Researchers have identified the on-the-run star as a massive blue-white star.  Astronomers from University College of London have been studying the star with the services of Australia’s Siding Spring Observatory.  There, The Anglo-Australian Telescope was used to observe star cluster R136, and the stars moving to and from it.

Through studies of the star’s motion, astronomers see that it is releasing extreme amounts of charged particles.  This particular outburst has been noted as occurring during an exceptionally powerful blowing of stellar winds.  The force of this blast gave knowledge that the releasing star likely is ninety times as heavy as our Sun.

This star is expected to continue moving through space at exteme speeds.  However, it is of no threat to Earth!  It should continue speeding in the depths of the cosmos, then coming to an explosive end during a supernova.  The explosion likely will result in the creation of a black hole.

Hubble catches heavyweight runaway star speeding from 30 Doradus









A1star.com - great pictures and backgrounds of stars!   A1star.com - great pictures and backgrounds of stars!   A1star.com - great pictures and backgrounds of stars!

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Pulling For Crystal With Three Left!

May 18, 2010 at 9:44 PM (Uncategorized)

American Idol is down to the final three contestants for the season!  As expected, Crystal Bowersox is among them.  I am gunning for her to be the winner!

The set-up for the singers tonight focused on the song choices.  The contestants chose their songs to sing during round one.  The judges picked the songs for the second round.

Casey James began the evening!  I was so busy on the computer, that I did not catch the name of the song.  I think it was Daughters, by John Mayer.  I heard it, and it did not sound so great.  The judges seemed to concur with this thought, with each of them commenting that they were expecting more!

Unless something goes TOTALLY wrong, Crystal Bowersox will be the winner!  She started her selections by singing Melissa Ethridge‘s Come to My Window.  Crystal, as usual, had a strong sound!  She sang this tune with her usual strength, and accompanied it with the sound of her guitar.

I thought that she was great, yet there was mixed opinion from the judges.  Randy began, saying that he did not like the song’s arrangement.  Ellen was proud of Crystal, while Kara said that she had good vocals.  However, DioGuardi did say that Crystal could have had better acoustics.  Simon did not think that Crystal gave the most stunning version of the song, yet he did say that he was proud of her for not compromising herself!

Lee sang third, and his first presentation was surprising!  He was ready tonight, singing Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s Simple Man.  Lee played the guitar, and he had a nice sound.  I felt that he got weak toward the song’s end.

Randy told Lee that he was feeling as if he could win!  Ellen thought that Lee took this attempt seriously.  She compared him to a springing impala!  As Kara told him that he was “on the money”, and Simon said that Lee “crushed the others!

Casey returned to open the second round.  He took the stage with his guitar, singing Daughters, by John Mayer.  I felt that the song was merely alright, bordering on dull!  It was a bit sleepy…

Maybe I’m Amazed, by Paul Mac Cartney and Wings, was sung by Crystal, for her second choice!  The song itself is okay, perhaps just a bit boring.  At least, that is what I felt from Crystal.

The judges all felt that she did well!  Randy told her that she had great vocals, and Ellen simply stated that  “she did it”!  Kara felt that Crystal showed parts of her vocals that the audience had not heard yet, while Simon told her that she was “terrific”, and that she has soul! 

The judges chose Leonard Cohen‘s Hallelujah for Lee’s second choice!  When it is sung properly, I really like that song, and I felt that Lee did it justice!  He had strong vocals to go along with his guitar playing.  There were some hot background singers, too!

The judges and crowd were applauding Lee!  Randy began, telling Lee that it was unbelievable!  Ellen could say no more than it was stunning!  Kara felt that he epitomized the show, telling Lee that “he owned the entire night”!  Simon told him that he was very proud of him, as his song choice showed that he is a fantastic singer, and a great person!

The results will be announced tomorrow night!  I have been pulling for Crystal this entire time, yet I will concede that she was not the best, tonight.  I think that Lee did outsing her, especially with his second song choice.  If all goes appropriately, Casey will be voted out, bringing it to a final showdown between Crystal and Lee.  Go Crystal, go Crystal!!!





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