Fighting the Dead From Taking Our World!

June 22, 2013 at 1:30 AM (current news, health care reviews, human life issues, medical concerns, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

Like several film fanatics, I was hyped about getting into the cinema to view World War Z!  I had been previewing the trailers, and they all were exciting!  I was ready to watch was going down with the worldwide outburst of zombies, just how many people would be eaten, how much blood was going to be splattered, how many limbs would be flung, and how Brad Pitt’s character would attempt to save the world!

The film begins with Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) awakening his two young sons and his daughter for a regular day.  They get to the kitchen, meeting with mom, Karin (Mirelle Enos) for breakfast.  Afterward, the morning proceeds with The Lanes driving into central Philadelphia, where the streets are crowded, and police cars arrive.  There are sudden explosions!

As cars collide, and more fire outbursts, The Lanes begin to panic.  Suddenly, strange people with weird facial expressions and mangled bodies appear in the streets.  Jerry and his family drive into central Philadelphia, as his daughter, Rachel (Abigail Hargrove) has a panic attack!  Jerry tries to leave the Philadelphia area, wanting to drive to New York City.

Once in New York, Jerry had to leave his family to get supplies.  While he was away, Karin and the others were attacked momentarily, yet they escaped.  Meanwhile, Jerry is able to find out what is happening, and that a government experimental virus was accidentally released.  It caused the mutation of people with whom it came in contact into raging zombies!  The virus is spreading around the globe, and people are being infected faster than any cure is being found!

Jerry gets in contact with former co-workers at The United Nations, where he was a scientific investigator.  He works with them to create a remedy that will cure the plague that is mutating humans into zombies.  However, Jerry finds out that the infection is spreading faster than anyone thought, so he has to travel to Jerusalem, where government officials have prepared safety items that can help in his effort to get a cure together more quickly.

As Jerry believes he has found a safe spot in Israel while he is searching for this cure, he finds himself suddenly besieged by zombies!  While trying to escape a raging onslaught of undead attackers, Jerry is bitten by one of them!  He is then trapped inside of a zombie-filled building, yet one U.N. soldier who was not bitten sees Jerry, and is able to get him outside!

Once out of this building, Jerry locates an outpost of The World Health Organization.  Inside, scientists are working fervently to find a cure to end the zombification of human beings.  However, their efforts are inconsequential, so far.  Yet,  Jerry remembered that there was something that occurred in Jerusalem that gave hope for a possible cure to the effects of humans being transformed into zombies.  He kept that thought with him as he prepares for a greater battle to save humanity from it’s own destruction!

Poster of World War Z

July will blow up the big screens immediately with the releases of Despicable Me 2, Kevin Hart:  Let Me Explain, and The Lone Ranger, all on July 3!  That following Friday, July 5 will have The Way, Way Back and Stuck in Love!  More July films include Blackfish, Grown Ups 2, Hot Flashes, Killing Season, Pacific Rim, Red 2, R.I.P.D., The Smurfs 2, and The Wolverine!

animated zombie photo: Animated Zombie ANIzombieFatC.gif


                                                         animated zombie photo: Zombie 1t4xv6.gif animated zombie photo: Zombie 1t4xv6.gif animated zombie photo: Zombie 1t4xv6.gif

They will get ya!

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